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Who's head?

Saw this on the announcement board of some blog:

"I'm told by my supplier stocks are being shipped on the way, will arrive in the head of June, if there's no unpredicted delay. Restock orders were placed around the head of May, and it was announced on the blog that restock needs to wait for a month."

Sorry but I don't quite get what the whole paragraph meant?

I do know what "head of June" means though :p


  1. kepala bulan Jun dan kepala bulan Mei =P

  2. lol, i think the seller meant "beginning of june" and "beginning of may"

    wat's there to complain about?

  3. stop trying to act like a smart donkey.

  4. the author just wanna make some jokes.chill la u all.

  5. huh, i don't get it. what's so funny

  6. i think she direct translate from cantonese to english. that's why 'head' already. but chill la. im sure most buyers would understand such. it's just too unlucky of you to not understand it.

  7. or.. this is another tactic to make us copy and paste the whole paragraph in google.. =)and get traffics..

  8. I dont think its about the head of june or head of may thing. I think its because the blog owner said that stocks are gonna arrive at head of june, but for those who restock (head of May), theirs will arrive at head of june too. Isnt that like a repetition? I find the whole para a bit weird too.

    The author also said she know what head of june means.

  9. science teacher.....i am one of the regular customers there.......and the owner definitely didn't know about this........until i told her that somebody complained about her english in smwdy.....

    don't simply make assumption la....aiyo....

  10. i think people should give her a break, maybe her english is not as good as you all. from what i've seen, she knew about her mistake and corrected it.

    this title interested me but the content is just too annoying.

    science teacher, ya, the blogshop owner purposely wrote like that and submit her stupidity here for people like you to click on the LOL tab and laughed at her stupidity, just to get traffic. please la..what nonsense is that

  11. hehe.. Google does wonders :) The owner of the blogshop has edited the paragraph already, and she even thanked the one who pointed out the mistake here in SMWDY. Problem solved. Happy ending :)

    And that blogshop owner is awesome!! Seriously nice girl!!! A highly recommended blogshop :)

  12. Too unlucky for those who don't understand what head of June means? Sorry, but not everyone speaks Canto and using proper words to describe something is the proper way to make good business so that people don't get misinterpreted or confused.

    I commend the blogshop owner for correcting her mistakes, kudos on that part :)

  13. yup, problem solved. next!:P

  14. yes.. i'm just simply make assumption.. =)i didn't click the lol tab and the slap tab.. but the writer wrote the whole paragraph.. it seems like he/she definitely want people to google it.. i'm sorry everyone.. =)

  15. dunno who to slap la
    but if this not really seller doing, then means science teacher u make ppl suspect she do this
    wat if this author is other jealous seller who want make ppl in trouble? stupid author, ppl can copy n paste then her traffic goes up

  16. Author could have just point out the mistake to the shop owner privately instead of putting this up here and have a certain people make fun of her.

  17. totally agree with anon MAY 30, 2010 1:31 PM..dunno what's the author's intention.

  18. Hi all, author here.

    Wow I just saw the all the comments here. Certainly didn't expect myself to be slapped! I submitted this story for LOL's sake, really. Was just too lazy to edit the whole paragraph ('cos it was honestly a little hard for me to understand, just like what Anon May 29, 2010 7:12 PM said) and make the post sound funny, so I just copy-paste bulat-bulat.

    Was honestly not trying to put the blog down, but I do realize my mistake to have made it seem like that. My apologies to the said blogshop and anyone else whom I have offended.

    To the blogshop owner, I really like your attitude and your courage to change the post and even thank me. I don't deserve that of course. But thanks for being so kind. Read from a few places that you have great service, kudos to you and all the best :)

    p/s: I am certainly not the said blogshop owner.

  19. Haha... you sure this is not found on a joke's site?