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Why should I?

Okay, sellers spamming my email promoting their blogshop is one thing,

but what the hell is she thinking when she spam me(and hundreds others) for her college assignment? seriously what the hell? She dare writing this at the end of her email "I need this as soon as possible as this assignment are going to due in 2 weeks time."

Okay I dont mind doing it if I'm her friend or her customer, but thing is, i never ever heard of her blogshop and never enquire bout anything(duh).

How did she get my email? And she didnt even bother to use BCC or anything. Wow, stealing people's email n ask for help. You must be wearing 10 inch of makeup. And tell me again why should I help her?

I clicked Junk straightaway


  1. Ur so selfish! Dah lah you don't wanna help. Don't need to scold ppl like that k. There are many college students among the online community and I'm sure we can all relate to the assignment issue. Sometimes we just need help from outside when it comes to conducting surveys and things like that. If everyone is like you, what a bleak world this will turn into.
    Shame on you, author of this post.
    And yea, I slapped you.

  2. omg come one anon, u think we have nothing else better to do? we don't have assignments?i think ur one of those blog owners that love to spam lah.u don't know what the hell is privacy isit??? why don't u put ur email down here and we will spam ur freaking email askin u to help me with my assignment.hows that stupid!!!!!!shame on author? shame on u lah! takkan u don't have frens or family members to help u out???hmmm.wonder why then.CRAZY!

  3. Anon2, so u conduct ur surveys among ur family members and frens? Wow, how "clever" u are! Do u call 200 of ur frens n family members to complete ur surveys? If yes, then I must say that all ur 200 family members and frens have nothing else better to do!

    And anon1 didnt even mention about the spam issue. She was just talking about the author's unwillingness to help. And ur asking her to provide her email so ppl can spam her? R u out of ur mind??

    Someone's screw is definitely loose here but it's not anon1's

  4. i received the same email and I just answer the survey cuz its doesnt take more den 10minutes of my harm helping people especially for their assignment...if u do not want to fill up/helping, just delete the easy as that..why u have to embarassed her like this as im sure many of us receive the email and will know who is the girl....and u do not need to call people CRAZY or use inpropriate words.

    author deserved million slaps.

  5. I think Anon @ May 7, 2010 6:06 PM is the author of this post. Syoknya she scolded anon @ May 7, 2010 5:52 PM.

    Agree with anon May 7, 2010 6:55 PM. If u think spending a few minutes to help another person deserves a good scolding, I have nothing to say. N u don't have to be rude.

  6. *blank* whats going on?

  7. I dont mind if she use bcc. I can just click delete. But she exposed all these emails. And I'm sure other seller will copy the email, spam people, and the whole cycle repeats itself again.

    Is it so hard for her to just copy paste to bcc?

    And yea I understand the survey and assignments part. I conducted surveys for my college assignment before. But I did not spam others' emails. They are plenty alternatives like forums, hard copy survey, or maybe just post on her blog?

    I'd like to keep my email private. Thanks to this, I'll receive more spam after this. Maybe you dont mind but i do.

  8. exactly privacy! DUH!!! the author is not pist about the survey but more about the privacy

  9. I think I received the same email,
    was it about Beryl's chocolate or something like that?

  10. I kinda have a feeling that the one who scolded the author is the same person. It's kinda funny that you are talking to yourself. Lol.

  11. author don't even know that person at all, i wonder how did that person get her hands on author's email. so unethical can. go read up some computer ethics before shooting the author.