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Seller's Privilege

I am not sure is this normal or what, have any of you came across someone asking for discounts just because that person is a blogshop owner too?

It's okay la to discount abit but that person asked wayyyyy more discount until near to cost price.

I'm a buyer too but I'll never do that.

Anyway, wtf.


  1. I am a blogshop owner myself what I usually offer other blogshop owners was waived off the postage fee :) I think that's fair enough, don't you think?

    I will not go as far by selling it at cost price. That's just asking too much.

  2. I don't get it, blogshop owners are also normal customers .. y must give discounts?

    Got mutual benefits?

  3. ya,i get this buyer too said she is blogshop owner want discount more than my cost price,but i purchase with other blogshop even asking for discount also or use my blogshop identity for a less more..

  4. I got the best one..
    buyer who is blogshop owner said "can la @ cost price..hey i know which supplier you get it and i know the price too la!!"

  5. Definately nonsense to treat blogshop owners specially..
    they should be treated like any other customers.

  6. Yea.. i also come across with this kind of seller when i just start my online business last time.. she told me "normally we will sell in cost price within seller".. i told her sorry, i can give discount but cannot sell to u in cost price. Then after few sms she said okie.. she will take it. Manatahu when we meet up for COD, she just went MIA.. im really angry with her!!

  7. i feel thats too much. if you're a seller too, then you should know that most online blogshops really don't earn that much! (dont need to include *certain* ones that jack their price up till mamahigh la) ... don't take advantage of ppl cus i'm sure you'd hate it if ppl do it unto you too.

  8. It's too much to ask for discount that's near to cost price. But some seller don't even give any discount to us buyer(blogshop owner too)! It's such a turn off as some of them are really pricey. I don't know about you guys, but that's what I think D:

  9. To Anon May 12, 2010 4:13 PM:
    What makes a blogshop owner different from any other customer?

    So if you own a restaurant and you go to another restaurant, u ask for discount is it? Mad one! Wake up la

  10. Just a little discount won't hurt anyone right. Some seller marked up their prices really high. More than double of the cost price. Restaurant and blogshop is two different thing.