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Updates #6 ~ Rubies

Ok i knew i forgot something... sorry. I was rather too preoccupied with the situation in Bangkok and of course little parcel.

So this is the update to Putri Shahreena Daud of Th3 Golden Wardrobe from the post I Blacklist You Back!, Rubies No More and Achtung!.

Shahreena has written to me from the start and do seem cooperative. She named 3 buyers with outstanding issues with her namely Wanisha (writer) and 2 others of whom I will remain anonymous. Only 2 however were in correspondence with me throughout with CC mails. Wanisha and another girl with her bag still not delivered. The other remained quiet till now.

To date, Wanisha has been refunded. Case closed.

The girl with the bag not delivered kinda fell out of the radar after Shahreena said she will post the bag out. 

No one else has come forth during this time... Maybe situation isnt as horrifying as it seems?

So there you go. While I think Shahreena did try to make amendments, she probably should concentrate her studies now and think about doing business some other time. Take the time off to learn maybe.

Readers call now, (be nice) shall I remove her name from the TO WATCH list?

AND finally, the moment a particular reader has been waiting for. The unveiling of your masterpiece. Thank you LUREX AVENGER for your skillful photoshopping! Hahaha!! Sorry Shahreena, you have to admit this is funny. Jangan marah ok?



  2. Oh hey! I thought there's lots of other girls?

    Looks like she's really the baaaaaad girl ever. 3case, with 2 remains maybe because there's other girls doesn't read SMWDY so they didn't know?

    Anyways! hahahha ipown?! Dont make fun of her la..i thought it's


  3. LAWAK GILA THE "IPOWN"!!! lol lol

    ok, still grinning :D

  4. i think i'm gonna stuck with iPown till death..LOL XD

  5. honestly, with her manipulating her way around,doesn't seems like she deserved the another billion-th chance. to change a person is harder than to move mountains right?

    so no! please leave her name under to be watched session.

    for all you know, she prolly has another scheme going on as we speak.

  6. that's hilarious~! lol..

  7. haha! OMG, at first glance, i thot the picture is a nuffnang ad! LOLOLOLOL!

  8. she hasn't sent my bag tired of waiting already:(

  9. more than one case about her, I agree to keep her name on watch. Just in case she had a relapse =P

  10. she hasn't posted my bag yet :(

  11. I say keep her name on the list. Someone who has just 1 criminal record will still have it for life.

    I'd say this is serious enough to be a criminal record.

  12. anon may 24 2010 8:39pm and 10:02 pm (if you're not the same person). why not mail SMWDY so she can clarify things with the seller? since stated there she had refunded it right? lol.

    and don't remove her from the to watch list. just imagine, if SMWDY don't mail her and the buyers don't complain about her fraud, she'll still be silent and con people's money, creating new blogshops and all. sometimes people like this will never learn. so let this be a lesson to her.

    HUGE LOL AT THE iPOWN! i don't have one, but is it true that they have spam box?!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHA

  13. i need an iPOWN. -__-


    u forgot to add on the epic SPAMBOX icon ~~

  15. To Anonymous May 26, 2010 8:25 AM,

    Oh no I di'int! You gotta click on the image for the full size version, then all shall be revealed.