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** Holy Batman 10 times over!! SG replied and it's not looking good. NO!!!**

There's this famous site that helps unfortunate buyers sell off their purchases that they bought online if they can't fit or if it's an impulsive purchase etc

And the operator of the website has decided to boycott any email that I send (of items I would like to sell)

Basically because I accidentally used 2 email accounts while sending her emails to post my stuff up,
like for example, I used one email to inform her to post the item up
and another one to inform her that the item was sold.

And boyyyyy did she get mad.
She sent me an email asking me to refrain from using 2 emails etc etc in bold.
The next week when I sent her another item hoping to publish it on her blog, it never appeared even when she was constantly updating it..

It was an honest mistake, since I'm a frequent commentor here, I use another email to avoid spammage in my personal one so I forgot to switch the accounts when sending her the post..
Was it such a huge mistake that you would have to boycott/blacklist me?
Lesson learnt. Oopsie.


  1. from my experience, the operator of that website isn't really a friendly person =/ she tends to come off pretty cold, no 'welcome!' when you thank her, etc..

  2. If you're talking abt the site which was used to be under diary addictions, then yes the current operator isn't friendly. No offence tho but judging from my friend's exprience in dealing with her like Anon 10:12pm welcome or any nice words. Moreover, her terms sounds very stern. I understand many people try to cheat and sell and you may have tons of requests each day but pls la dun be so rigid and cold.

  3. to first anon,
    i think we both know who we're talking about
    and yea I agree! she is cold isn't she?
    I thought it was just me when I thought about it..
    like her emails are really short and concise,
    it's not a bad thing,
    but be a bit nicer and friendly la please :)
    oh well.. luckily I have the other platform to sell my stuff right?

  4. Something is wrong with her if she's blowing a fuse over an itty bitty mistake. I hate it when people type everything in capital letters. Yeah, yeah, I get it. You're angry.

    To the this the website with the pink stripes?

  5. i'm kinda annoyed with the owner too. based on this post here and her terms, apparently she wants "the best" as in, try to avoid cheaters and such, which is great, but its nicer if she can be friendlier. also, i think she dont really check the emails/posts. i know she must get tons a day, but if she's so strict insisting this and that for perfection at least check lah.

    one time there was this post where re-sellers are supposed to put the price they bought the items at, one re-seller put "bought at: blogshop name" instead of the price. another put "COD places: (what is COD?). i think she meant for the owner to answer it, but it was posted as that. like i said, i know she must receive a lot of requests per day, but whats the harm of giving a quick glance at each email. not read carefully one by one but at least just a quick look through u can sorta detect a few mistakes right?

  6. i agree! is there another website to sell off stuff?

    i thought she was the only one =x

  7. Author here
    Yeap it does have pink stripes :)

    And I did the same mistake to the other platform(was posting same item to both sites at once) and the other operator was fine with it and made no fuss at all well as for this one, well we all know she got mad

  8. Random question:
    Why are people slapping the seller? Who exactly is the seller? Hahaha.

  9. she's really quite unfriendly :(

    i know your site gets a lot of hits and you're doing it for free, but come on, if you're so unhappy about running your blog (as perceived from the less-than-friendly emails), why continue? this is something i don't get.

    i believe the author of that blog once stated that a lot of people sending in emails don't bother being friendly and saying thank you (does anyone else remember this?), but well- she's treating the buyers who do remember their manners without much courtesy either!!!

  10. any other blogshop to sell preloved item too ? can anyone tell me? i hate this one, that u all talking abt =( so cold...

  11. Yeah. She's so robotic and unfriendly. Nobody force her to do this, and she thinks she's the boss. Even a simple welcome note or just a simple smiley will be great already.

  12. 100% agree that she is COLD & STERN toned.

    I remember last year i post two items up and one of it got sold. I informed her the next day and she replied me in a harsh tone saying i shud inform her IMMEDIATELY after my items sold off. Mind u, it's less than 24hours. Why la so marah... u be nice 2 me, i be nice 2 u la.. u asked to be inform when my item sold off and when i did, u scold me for being slow.. WTF =.="

  13. hey2,i have posted 1 of my bag there,and she gave me an email, saying she had posted it up.i agree that it was short,but i dont blame her really.shes doing this for free,so its like, shes doing us a favor.and,i dont think she would hv time to read each and every email thoroughly..cant blame her..she mustve recvd lotsa email everyday..and,dont u think its enough for her to post your item up on this very popular blog for free?u guys also want her to sugartalk ah?too much la u guys..its not like we're paying her or,just be cool la everybody..

  14. I have to agree with anonymous MAY 15, 2010 10:53 PM. Its her blog right? She SHOULD read the emails. If not read at least give a quick look through lah. I know she receives a lot, but whats the harm of just glancing once? What if re-sellers just write nonsense? Come on lah, if SMWDY and other blogs can read the comments and stories before publishing why cant she read the emails too? If like that then dont be so strict lah with the terms.

    As if, why bother stating the things re-sellers have to include if u dont even care whats written there? Yes, it is a great she post it up for free but if its too much work for her to do it then let others do lah. Just like the previous owner, who handed it to her. Hand it to someone else. And i'm not a re-seller, just a buyer who finds some of the emails being post up and its details ridiculous.

  15. Would love to know the address of the other site! Please email me at (:

  16. hey people, trying to keep the peace here, but "pavlova" is right. she really is doing it all for free. im sure everyday she receives maybe 20+ emails? and i personally think that its her prerogative to be nice or not... i personally have never thought that she was cold and stern... just curt and short replies... anything wrong with that?

    i'm sure it'll be nice if she were friendlier, but she is doing all of us unfortunate buyers a favour, so yea...

    peace :)

  17. I agree as well with everyone that she treat ppl coldly. I once experience before which is one last yr, I emailed her with a bunch of items to sell. I listed everything in proper order in pics and all the details of items. However, there r few of the items i forgotten where i bought it, den she said she wont posted it out if i forgot. I mean, what so strict?

    So I started to argue with her about why other ppl's items get to post when they mention ther "forgotten which blogshop". She start trashing me harsh emails n we started argued. Evensince then, I never even send any email to her at all to ask her to resell my items till now.

  18. i'm a buyer n not a re-seller so i'm not so annoyed about the fact that she's cold,strict n whatnot.. just a bit annoyed she doesn't proof read the emails first.. yes its a service she provides but does that mean she can be sloppy just cos she's providing us with a service? i agree with anon 2:52 AM.. if its too much work for her to just make sure the details provided are clear/correct then maybe she's not cut for the job.. just pass it on to someone who is willing to do so..

  19. Hey, about this.

    1. yea i do admit that she is cold AT TIMES.maybe depending on her mood? or maybe depending on how many emails she gets that day?? LOL i dunno because she has been nice to me responding with smileys and whatnot.

    2. you guys really shouldnt complain that much, i mean cmon she's doing this for free.i think she's entitled to get annoyed we all are. ( with buyers/sellers wtv) so she's entitled to get annoyed at people who email her.

    3. why are you picking at thelittle details?
    so what if she's a little sloppy? maybe she has college? maybe shes working? maybe maybe maybe? at least she takes the time/initiative and mafan-ness to delete the things that already sold out so that WE dont get disappointed.its not like she benefits at all from this.

    4. she constantly updates and is stern about the fact that we inform her that the items are sold because SHE WOULDNT WANT YOU TO GET DISAPPOINTED, its no like shes the one buying or selling the clothes what.

    5. yea maybe she was pms-ing and went a little over the top on this occasion or on other occasions before, but maybe WE should start being a little more appreaciative that she does this at all.

    just my two cents

  20. Anon May 16, 5.13pm
    I AGREE with all of your points.
    geez, for all the critics up there, some people have more to do in their lives than just updating a shopping blog that works for OTHER people's convenience. and its for free too!
    i have absolutely no complaints, she's always responded nicely to me and i dont take offence if its just one or two words, like "items posted!". even if she didn't, i would understand because sometimes she updates stuff like, 15-20 items at a time? understand abit la.

    slaps for all those who speak harshly too easily.

  21. Aside from the cold bit which I dont really care, why is everyone steering from the fact that IT IS a bit silly to blacklist a girl who made a mistake with 2 emails. Come on la, she apologied (not that an apology is needed anyway)

    Was it in their T&C that you can only use ONE email?

  22. i love her, she's nice :) imagine being her ok. Have to reply 543953489043503 emails with smileys????

  23. Giving free services does not mean u can lose your manners. If she doesn't have time or not enjoying doin this then just close the blog. Honestly, I don't mind if she give me short mail but don't be cold and speak to us in a harsh tone when we make a little mistake in posting. U sound like having PMS every single day. I thought I'm the only one u treat like dat when I send in the posting the first time, now only I know u treat everyone just the same. Yeah, we appreciate u doin us a favour but what's the harsh lesson about??? Really.. If we re-sellers giving u such a bad time and affect ur mood so much, just CLOSE the blog.

  24. EXACTLY! just because she's giving a service means she can be all sloppy and grumpy? maybe i can take her "coldness" where she's straight forward and not a smiley user but please lah make sure the details u post up are correct. since she's the no-nonsense-wants-everything-in-order, cant even use 2 emails (although accidentally!) type, surely she should ensure her posts are okay too right?

    i wont go to far asking her close the blog, but maybe ask someone else to manage? like X--h, she handed the blog to this current owner right? i dont think she forced her to manage the blog. so seriously, if its too tiresome/troubling, just pass on to someone else.

  25. hmm.. I understand why she got mad,

    cause usually say you use email A to post item, then email B to inform her of sold item, she'd probably had to search through the whole blog using email B to find your item, then only to come realise that your item was posted with email A. You should know that she has over 1000+ post, plus it's hard to find a post without the original email and picture. You never know that there may be a few same items, but different emails, how is she to differenciate that? it's not like she can memorize each seller with which email & item.

    and... how do you define a harsh tone? It's not like you can hear or see her expression when you read her emails? just because she does not use smileys or what not doesnt mean she's PMS'ing. Using "!!!" doesnt shes pissed off right?

    Would you rather a fake smile than just a short note?

  26. But how can you define a 'fake smile' if its just a smiley? LOL

  27. Hi there.

    Thank you for all your comments. I read it positively. But I would appreciate it if the girl who sent the email to SMWDY to personally send her complaints to me before resorting public. But hey, what is done is done. So I will not complain.

    It's so easy to comments without understanding what's going on on SG's side right? Try dealing with 30++ emails a day, and some don't even bother reading our Rules before sending in. But of course that is not a reason for me not to be friendly. My replies are mostly short, but that doesn't mean at all I am not friendly. :) Try getting to know me a lil bit, and you'll see. :)

    You claimed that I am not friendly. Do you know that most of you girls NEVER say hello to me? Practically just sent me the email with the pictures and information without me getting a hello/ hi? Do you know that most of you never really say thank you at the end of the email ? Do you know that even after I replied saying "Item posted" or just "Posted", you never even reply saying 'thank you'? Small gestures. But it means a lot to me if you girls can do it.

    I do it for free. Of course nobody ever asked me to do this. I wanted to do it voluntarily. Reason for this selflessness? Only because I love shopping and I love to see many updates (just like most of you too) and hey, lets admit, we do get good bargains here in SG.

    As for the email issue, who wouldn't be upset? I have more than 2000+ items here. And I have to search for your email, and try to locate your item but couldn't and I still have many other emails to read and items to post. Again, that is no excuse for me to be 'unfriendly'. But do understand that I have feelings too. As much as I try to accommodate your needs, try to understand my needs too.

    Have you ever read an email, study the pictures and see that the items were not at all the same? Possible cheating cases on SG (and we are not talking about just one time). Of course we get upset because we see sellers trying to cheat potential buyers on SG. There are many many other instances that result to us replying in firm and stern manner. Try to understand that.

    But hey, you say give it to someone else to handle this blog if I can't? Sure. Let's try that.

    As of this moment, I am closing down SG. This thought has been playing in my head for quite some time. SG has been going on for more than over a year. Work is starting to get even more serious nowadays, so time is less given for updates on SG (try updating minimum 10 items EVERY NIGHT and you will understand how I feel). But nevermind that. :)

    Anyway, there have been many nice girls that I have known over the past one year. For all of the support, thank you very much. :)

  28. Oh right. And I forgot to say this to the girl who sent the email to SMWDY.

    What's your email address? As far as I know, I posted all of the items that have been emailed to SG. Be it from people who never say hello / hi / thank you, or the fact that some of you send 10 items at one go, or even when you don't even read our Rules.

    Have you ever thought maybe your email did not go through? I have better things to do than 'blacklist' sellers. You said "The next week when I sent her another item hoping to publish it on her blog, it never appeared even when she was constantly updating it.." Did you try sending it again?

    Mistakes are mistakes. I made mine, you made yours. Does that make me a lesser person than you by the type of mistakes that we did? Anyway, to the girl who sent the email to SMWDY, yeah, send me an email. and I'll check if I have missed out our items. If I did, I sincerely apologize for that. And to many other girls here, I honestly and sincerely apologize as well for not being 'friendly' as you have claimed. God bless.

    Thank you for taking time to read.

  29. Please say it isn't so :( Don't close SG!

    If it does get closed down, well, to you haters and the author, thanks a lot. sigh.

  30. haha...well this is what you "babies" get for complaining TOO much!! people are giving free services and you STILL complain....u know sg? u should close it down...give yourself a break..why should you pick up all the mistakes they made (wrong purchases-lah/too small-lah/this n that-lah) n help them earn the money they have lost due to their selfish desires??

    it's easy for you to criticize when you're not the person manning that's "fun" to criticize other peoples' weaknesses so that you feel superior n righteous!

    And i do agree with some commenters exactly do you interpret words through the screen....seriously tell dying to know...for all you know i am talking in a very "happy" tone right now! :)

    unreasonable people always make unreasonable demands..i wonder how exactly do people around you put up with your nonsense? people seriously make me sick ;(

  31. using the same email add can also prevent fraud...imagine an impersonator decide to email sg and said she "sold" this item..bla bla bla using another acc and claim its her email acc...
    wouldn't that be chaos
    its easy for sellers to blame sg and said this n that but you must remember also she is one person dealing with all of you contrary to you as an individual deal with her alone as the blog owner..

  32. i agree with anon May 17, 2010 2:11 AM

    im so pissed now to all the haters..esp to the author.. are you happy now that SG wants to close down? maybe you are,but what about other girls who depend on that site?how? think about other ppl la.. just because u were not treated like royalty,u want to complain on SMYDY.. what kind of person are u la?u make me SICK.

  33. SG, is time for you to take a break. Let those ppl who like to critic a lot to sell their own darn things. Or let see who willing to volunteer to take the job and can do it better than you. I think this is too much for you~

  34. dear SG, looking at the comments above, i've to say i did try to be friendly and courteous to you. hello, but there was no reply. thank you, but just a one word reply: deleted.
    i do appreciate your effort in handling SG all by yourself and definitely we do get bargain prices from there most of the time. thank you, and we all hope you don't close it down.

  35. you guys should be ashamed of yourself. due to your selfishness, now everyone else has to suffer. thanks for making one of my blogs to visit close down. thanks so much whiners

  36. hello all,

    i posted items in SG before. i greeted SG in email, followed the rules and she posted items right there and then. she also informed me when items are posted, what more could you ask for when you respect each other?

    even after i said thanks, she will reply with "u're welcome :)". so listen, courtesy goes both ways and i agree wholeheartedly with SG.

  37. Author, are you happy with the ending?

  38. You send your item to SG, why SG should make friend with you?

    I really don't understand. I believe that SG is using standard templete in replying. Not being rude is enough already, it is not compulsory to social with you...

    Want to find bff? Go somewhere else lar...

  39. Erhm... am I the only one who thinks SG is being a drama queen? 1 complaint and I wanna close shop!!! Jeez girl, get a hold of yourself.

    This was passed on to you by Xash. You wanna be a dramafied queen, pass the torch. You cant just shut down.

  40. i dun think SG is being a drama queen la babe. its not even a shop to begin with! hahahahah what la u Anonymous May 17, 2010 11:58 AM.

    so easy for u to say la. u want to continue, email her la. talk talk oni.

  41. Don't hate the author. If this had happened to you, you would have felt the same way. Nobody wants to be ignored.

  42. yeah c'mon. one complaint and you're surrendering (is that a word) already?

    i hope this is not you in real life. that when u got 1 negative feedback from ur boss and ur quitting already.

    get a grip and pull yourself together! u said that you're reading the comment positively right? so this is the best action u can do?

  43. I agree totally with Anon MAY 17,2010 11:58am!

    Grow up SG... don't try to be a Drama Queen. Shame on you. Just bcos a gal pointed out your coldness u wanna shut down the blog? Who are u to do so? Pass the torch gal!

    To those of u who blame the author, shame on u too! SMYDY is the place to vent out and she did nothing wrong!

    SG is the one to be blame for being so childish. Go cry to your MAMA.

  44. personally, i think if she wants to close her blog, u shud just respect it. she continue oso u bising, she wants to close down oso bising. giv her a break ppl.

    hopefully SG will come back!

  45. why la people. SG continues posting you have this and that, all bad points about her you tell. SG wanna close you don't let her do so.

    i don't think she's closing SG because of this post. she had been thinking about her work and all like what she mentioned above. so don't simply make assumption about things you don't know or you're not sure about. even if she's not friendly like what you guys claimed, she did help you right?

    i'm not on anyone's side. the author, nor SG. but try and put yourself in SG's place. a well known reselling shops that HELP YOU IMPULSIVE SHOPPERS TO ADVERTISE YOUR ITEMS~! what else do you want? she post it, she told you she posted it. and still? you want her to say, "I LOVE YOU BABE, THANKS FOR POSTING THE ITEMS" is it? is that too friendly already? later if she's too friendly also wanna complain right?

    i personally posted lotsa items on SG before. greeted her, say thanks and all. inform her once the items are sold out. she's all okay. i don't expect any more replies other than "thanks babe" or "posted" or anything. i don't expect her to say "how are you?" or something close to it. be real people, you don't even know her and she doesn't even know you. she's not even a seller on SG, she just HELPS PEOPLE. and any inquiries you want you send to the emails provided there. right? not even to her. she's just a middle person. you don't have to expect more.

    we can never please everyone. give her a break already. its her decision. so respect.

    p/s : SG, thanks for posting all my items. i bet there won't be anyone out there who wants to help me resell my clothes after this that can get good traffic like you do T.T

    p.p/s : author, do email SG so you both can clarify things. hopefully you guys will settle things down soon :)

  46. some buyers still can't separate between business and being bff and all...

    sure, we don want cold people, but pls remember which 1 is more important..u go to any blogshop to BUY/SELL clothes, rite? not to make frens..sure, if the seller is nice, point there..but pls remember, business is business..

    To SG : Be strong, gurl! So far, I notice SG is a very established and professional reseller and blogshop.. Do keep ur reputation up n do not give up! ;)

  47. she helped me posted my items, i did ask, responded and mentioned thank you in a formal way. i got some response like u guys did, but i dont think she was being cold.. maybe on first time basis i felt she was unfriendly, but then after emailing her a few times she was alright..and she even reminded me that i have another item left to sell and inform her once it has been sold. oh, if im not mistaken i have asked he to post my items up once to sell but she didnt do so. it didnt really bother me and i set up my own blog to sell of my barangs. no harm what?

    To author, did u mentioned to her that you were "" that asked to post up item "XXX", while you used your 2nd email add? I dont think she would have gone mad(unless like she mentioned she has tonnes of emails and trouble to go through her blog).. dont think she boycott u or blacklisted u la.. manatau she was just like informing u in a super stern way and u got offended? i dont know la im just commenting.

    i got nothing much to comment, only that i dont think she is being a drama queen, she doesnt even have the time to blacklist ppl, how in the world would she have the time to be a drama queen. dont you guys think that some ppl here are also being a drama queen? am i? are you? not to say i am holy god, but we all are to a certain extent being some kinda bitching society..

    SMWDY is a place to bitch but to a certain extent. sorry before you start to shoot me, im not on anyone's side. please tell me, of all the comments here, who are those that are still college student and already working ppl? Working ppl dont really have the time to give such childish comments. (YOU CAN BITCH ME ALL U WANT, AS I HARDLY GIVE A DAMN LA)

    I bet most of the times no one takes the initiative to read any Terms & Conditions.

  48. This is usually what most ppl get for doing good deeds. One can never be perfect in a humans' eyes. So earthly (yawn). The slightest mistake/error could anytime become a big issue as if the world is so free to critic. Why dont just take up a relevant job as a food-critic, QC/QA, American idol judges, & etc. better earning. These ladies who complained & complained & complained over small matters are qualified to be labelled as 'bitches', as if they themselves are damn good. Sorry to say but this is so sickening. Just look at the whole scenario, these blogs are taking your 'WRONG/IMPULSE PURCHASES' (isn't that a mistake too??? Hello??) and advertise them to re-sell. Try doing that offline, buying from Barney's, MNG, TopShop, CottonOn, Padini & re-sell it. We dont have that much privilege compared to online shopping and the least we could do is to APPRECIATE these mediums.

    i personally felt that if these ladies who complained could also make a difference in affecting ppl's manners. Instead of complaining, why don't write an email stating, how are you today? is everything okay with you? i have not been receiving friendly replies from you and thought that i should tell you that this isn't healthy in the long run. Is there anything i could help or is there any mistakes that i've done? bla bla bla. And, i am 100% sure there will be critics on this (who the hell have all the time to do so, we are reselling not counsellors) BUT just think of it, if you don't even spare sometime for courtesy, sharing & etc. What difference will you be making by just complaining behind them through 3rd parties sites?? No wonder, the world today is filled with many evil things/thoughts because of lack of initiative, love, care, understanding & etc. Ppl these days are not wise and very self-centered, we can conclude.

    Just a suggestion to SG, instead of closing down and since you are expanding, more incoming emails / requests for resells why not just charge them a fee of RM1/post. Since they want you to give good service with a bow & smile & triumphant dance & whatsoever (haha!) that would be your reward after a hectic day. No appreciation for doing things for free, then charge em instead. Anyway, this is just a suggestion.

    And to those ppl out there, if there is no reply from your receipients, pls RESEND not COMPLAINING behind their back. If you still feel the need to complaint, send your complaints to both receipient and 3rd party site. Do not be a hypocrite.

  49. Anonymous May 17, 2010 2:28 PM, being a working person does not automatically make you mature. I know some adults who act like 10 year-olds and I know some college students who are well-spoken and are not childish in the least. I'm a college student and I've never left a childish comment on SMWDY. I think you're the one who needs to grow up, you sound very naive.

    To SG, good luck!

  50. T&C is there for a reason. If you violated one of them and kena sounded, the owner has a right to do so yea? Of course some others will be kind enough not to but we can't always have that expectations.

  51. a big "thank u" all who gave negative comments about SG! u ppl just "after-meal-so-free-nothing-to-do" SG closing down is bcoz of u ppl, ish.

  52. SG is definitely giving everyone a helping, either u live with it or find some other places to sell ur "unwanted" or "not fitting" or "impulsive purchase" items....

    all the best to u, SG

  53. LOL! :D Anon May 17, 2010 4:21 PM "after-meal-so-free-nothing-to-do" = "chiak-pah-bo-ser-cho" ppl !!! So hilarious!

  54. lol. i'm not really a fan of buying pre-owned stuff even if it's never been used before so i'm won't really suffer from sg closing down. but to all those commenters out there who thinks she is being a drama queen it's obviously not true. i guess she has been contemplating for ages to close down the blog and this complain is probably the last straw. and who can blame her right? she literally spends hours a day sifting through emails and look at the responds she gets from some of you.

  55. Those who like to complain so much have nothing better to do. expecting smiles and sugary words, what's wrong with you? free service need extra good service to PLEASE you? Those who like to complain can just straight away resell at other place by THEMSELVES. and when SG close down, still want to add more DRAMA, and still calling SG drama queen? that's totally what a DRAMA QUEEN would do! :D LOL!! some brainless people.

    want to get smile and bff, go someone else, lyn can be a good place! those who really like to complain should be ashamed of themselves, somemore saying hurtful things like go to your mama crap like that, that's too HIGH SCHOOL la, go back to kindy!

    anyway, I think SG is a great place for me to hunt for great deal but TOO BAD there's stupid after-eating-nothing-to-do bimbos who like to make ppl's life difficult ! way to go SG! well, closing down is sure a good thing. better focus on less stress work and more pay than dealing with crappy customers who want to suck out everything from you :) good luck to you babe!

  56. to writer
    too much drama. who are you to even complaint that she is cold. do you expect her to chit chat with you like you are her newly discover long lost, separate by birth BFFFFSFSFSFSFSFS? grwo up la women.

    she have been doing this for FREE and u are not even her mother to complaint abt her attitude.

    So i hope u happy now that SG is close. so next time i wanna resell my clothes? i sell in front of your house issit?

  57. Look, if SG really wanna close the blog, like she has been thinking about it then its not entirely author's fault. If she closes the blog because of this then it shows she really shouldnt handle the blog since she cant take the pressure of just one criticism. The infamous blog R------8 has got tons of criticism, she's graceful about it, and still continue business. I think SG already thinking about closing the blog, so really, stop blaming others/author.

  58. SG is CLOSED. =(

  59. yup but i have to agree with anon 7:39 PM. it could be her personal decision, so just stop blaming others la.

  60. what is the big deal about this whole issue? from the author, we can see that it IS her fault (honest or not).
    As for the question,wouldn't it be better if she forward her queries about this issue to blog owner before posting it here?

    one suggestion though, the blog owner should imitate this post and write to SMWDY and ask the readers to slap every one of them who don't follow T&C/try to cheat/did not inform about sold item(s)/did not say thx in email/did not put smiley facein email/sound harsh in email

    this issue is totally blown out of proportion

  61. altho i think d author shud hv emailed SG personally 1st before resorting here. who knows SG might hv reacted o/wise. its not a healthy communication to vent out thru a 3rd party.

  62. Hi all, just realized SG is closing :( Totally understand how the owner feels though as trust me it IS tiring!

    As some of you might now, SG started out as a sister site to Diary Addictions (previously Page from the Diary), before I handed ownership to her.

    I do feel that SG is an INCREDIBLY important part of online shopping and as such, i will be contacting the owner and perhaps be taking back the role for the time being. Will see how things work out because i definitely may not have time to update the two blogs early. However, will keep you posted on how it goes!

    Anyone interested to be part of the SG team, do contact me:

    Love, Xash.

  63. Xash, you know we love you right? Yes, we do... You make all things happy :D

  64. whoa.. xash is like the mother of all blogshop! all hail the queen!!!!! :)))

  65. I find it funny that these people are calling the author and haters whiners when they themselves are whining about SG being closed down. Grow the hell up you hypocrites.

  66. haha...agree with Anon May 17, 9.37pm.
    I dun blame the author nor the other so called haters.

  67. GAH thanks to you all for pushing SG to closing down. Now that she's gone she can't be rude to you anymore right?

    ...Oh RIGHT, she also can't sell off your stuff for you, hor? Whoops.

    Y'all should grow up - she provided the service to you in the first place and you still got the balls to complain about petty things like smiley faces and mistakes.


  68. Oh just cos she's providing a service we cant criticize? Although this particular thing is really petty, but still. Just cos people are providing a service doesnt mean we cant criticize them.

  69. SG is being cold. she dare to do and don't dare to take criticism? coward!

    if she wants to close down, so be it! Life goes on and we move on!

    SG close, there will always be a blog to replace it!

    SG is a drama queen, when she take up this role, she should know things will get busy. BUT! she's being irresponsible now!

    when you get pregnant and have a child, you already expected and know you gonna take care of that child for the rest of your life, will you just dump your child halfway and abuse your child just because you feel tired?!! come on!

    but looking at SG reply, I think she will!

  70. besides, i think she wrote on her own some of her comments that follows her reply to make people feel bad. you guys can check and see. it somehow connect with each other.

  71. hahahahahaha. Anon May 18, 2010 1:19 AM - how cud u make similarities btwn blogshop n having a baby? hahahahahahaha. i dun tink SG is tht dumb wei. u talk using ur knees is it? wat la. from small issue now its abt responsibilities? let her la. its her blog what. kecoh la u.

  72. Managing a blog is nothing like managing a child la. what an awful comparison.

    Why la so judgmental? You're obviously being the drama queen here *roll eyes*

    If live goes on and people move on then maybe you ought to do the same :P

    Hey you know what? here's an idea since you're oh-so-smart-and-lovely(pft) why don't you run your own blog and we'll see how well you do ;) come amuse us.

    To SG I'm sure you'll be a terrific mother someday.

  73. oppss I meant life* not live lol. see tersasul already.

  74. to the people who said sg is closing down juz bcoz u all complaimed abt her, u guys r totally wrong.she had said to me,that shes thinking of closing sg down b4 all of this happnd.she said so in an email..
    I guess all of these ppl complaining, just made it like a catalyst to her decision..i just hope xash or anybody else could take over n still maintain the same service..n that is,FOC..(she doesnt even advertise for a fee u know..)

  75. Referring to my previous post, have contacted the owner of SG and there seems to be some misunderstanding regarding the management of it. So, yes there WON'T be any taking over. And she has reassured me that this 'hiatus/closing down' is/may only be temporarily. Unsure how long it is though.

    So, many thanks for the emails i received that you're willing to help out. :D Online shopping is great when everyone's sincere and helpful in making this realm a better place. :))

    For the time being, looks like we'll have to go without SG. =(
    Kudos to her for having one of the cleanest and user friendly layouts around.

    Alternatively, we could bombard with our requests now. xD

    Love, Xash.

  76. who's seller and who's buyer in this story?

  77. to anon may 18, 1:19 am.

    ive been reading all the comments in this post since last few days. keep on reading the new comments. well,im not taking any sides. i just think that the author shud email SG n ask her first because she went to this blog n posted this out. nways, benda dah jadi.

    but to the said anon, after reading ur comment only i have the urge of leaving a comment here. pls. think first before u said anything. having a blog is not the same like having kids. or taking care of ur baby. cmon.. what a comparison. i never tod that anyone can be so dumb by coming out with that comparison. it's just sooo silly u know.

    i am a mother of 2, and i am also a blog owner. i have my own private blog which ive created 4 yrs ago. i totally love my blog. its like my life. i wrote everything in it. but, i can assure u that having a blog and having kids R NOT THE SAME. pls. who r u to judge that SG will dump her child if she's tired of them?haha. ridiculous n stupid comment ever. U CAN JUST DUMP UR BLOG if u feel tired of managing it everyday BECAUSE ITS NOT A HUMAN BEING N IT DOESNT CME OUT FROM EITHER UR TUMMY OR down there. pls lah.

  78. oh one more comment. again to the anon may 18, 1:19 am.

    if u work at a place which u totally hate it, which is very tiring, u CANT LEAVE THAT company just because u've decided to work there??? sounds silly isnt?

  79. Guys.
    I love SG. And I'm sorry for not having been more grateful before about getting all your services for free because I check your blog everyday and I get so many darn great bargains there so if you're reading this SG, big THANK YOU!!

    All you haters, lol. Like everyone here has said, she does this for free. If you can shoot everything she does so quickly and nicely, maybe you can try running a blog like she does? I mean, since everyone is complaining and wondering where else to sell their items, why don't you clever people set up your own platforms? The way I see it, it's a win win situation for everybody.
    YOU get to sell YOUR item AND prove to everybody that you can handle this, whilst EVERYONE ELSE - haters or lovers alike - benefit from your hard work.
    Thank you very much.


  81. to anon May 19, 2010 10: 16,
    it's 'YOU ALL SUCK." not 'YOU ALL SUCKS".
    sorry, couldnt resist correcting such a rude vulgar person :D

  82. Hey you guys, check out

    just newly established. and I find it quite nice.

    its a medium for re-selling clothes online.

  83. SG, don't think we buyers cant live without u.

    Live goes on and there will always be someone who can replace u.

    And since u give such lousy services, and moaned abt how people complain u just because u give FREE services... any other blog who serves for the same purpose can do much better than u!

    I'm happy that u finally stop running the blog. Pls dont ever come back. Thank u.

  84. Enuf with the drama la wei. u so happy sg closed down, then so be it la. always want to be so negative.

  85. yeah. totally agree with anon may 19, 10:53pm

    sg is closing down so enuf lah. no need to be soo negative by saying this n that. by attacking her personal like that anon who commented sg will easily dump her child just because she's tired of them. cmon la u ppl. dont be so childish.

  86. It's freedom of speech, not negative. Can't u differentiate?

  87. Apparently, they can't differentiate. LOL.

    Goodbye SG, hello Haute Couture!

  88. freedom of speech - yes
    but freedom of speech comes with either positivity or negativity.


  89. haha...welcome Haute Couture!

  90. i agree with author may 20, 4:00 pm.

    obviously it's a freedom of speech but it comes either in positive or negative way. sg is closing down. ok fine. move to other alternatives lah. like haute couture. dont be so judgmental by attacking her personally. freedom of speech or not, it sounds so stupid to talk in that way.

  91. Opps sorry, i dont get it. How do you judge positive & negative? Just because u think it's negative doesn't mean it is u know...


    I see it positive that SG is closing down and give others a chance.

    Make us proud HAUTE COUTURE!

  92. Haha...Anon May 20,6.32pm...

    your comment is your freedom of speech.

    But commenting on someone else stupid makes u look even more stupid!

  93. to anon may 20, 11:24 pm, i think i know what anon may 20, 6:32 pm tried to say.

    ive read a comment where it attacked sg personally by judging her that one day she can dump her kids just like she dump her blog because she's tired of them. well to me that comment sounds so negative and stupid.

    just my 2 cents tho. if u think that statement on judging sg personally sounds positive or doesnt sounds stupid, then, its up to u.

  94. to anon may 20, 11:19pm

    i quote this from a comment written for this post by anon May 18, 1:19am

    ""when you get pregnant and have a child, you already expected and know you gonna take care of that child for the rest of your life, will you just dump your child halfway and abuse your child just because you feel tired?!! come on!

    but looking at SG reply, I think she will! ""

    so anon may 20, 11:19pm, does the above comment sounds negative to u? no??or u dun have a say?or u think it's right to write that comment?

  95. oh my, now its abt freedom of speech already....

  96. I will not take sides as I do not know who's lying who's not.

    Here's a few stuff I wanna say:
    1)I suspect the few early anonnymous' comments up there is from the same person. By the way they type and what they said about SG. Don't know hows its related tho :p

    2) To author: Deal with it. Not everyone replies with '~' or ^^ or :) etc. Just cause one doesnt reply that way doesnt mean she's unfriendly.

    3) SG should've reply with a longer email and not just 'ok' or 'posted' (i don't know how short is your reply tho :p) to secure those insecure posters.

    4) Author, please put yourself in SG's shoes. If you were to receive 30+ mails everyday, updating your blog and going for class/working, would you be pissed to waste your time looking for a post to delete that doesn't exist (means you didnt summit it w/ your other email)?? Oh and you'll go all bongkers and ask SG to not manage her blog if she could not even handle such small matter but hey, she's not even charging you a single cent so don't complain, its basically charity to help lazy snorts like you, no offence.

    5) SG, she apologized, why didn't you forgive and forget? Ignorance is a bliss you know ;)

    6) Author, no offence but are you spoilt or just plainly retarded? Maybe you're not a seller you don't know how it feels like to be greatly pissed by sitting in front of the monitor, going through your blog finding the post that never existed. Listen, YOU made that mistake and you have to pay that price. She's doing it for FREE, what do you expect? You have NO RIGHTS to get angry.

    7)SG, treat this as a valuable lesson and a challenge, don't give up by closing down your blog. Nothing in this world goes smoothly. Closing up your blog means you're basically admit to losing and no, it doesn't help in anyway. Be strong.

    8) Author, please, be considerate. Don't be such selfish brat. You'll rot in this world. If you don't like it, don't go back there and email her. You're going overboard by spoiling her reputation. Even if she really is unfriendly, don't be such a beast. An in female dog, beast.


  97. SG already closed down la....slownyer sum ppl!

  98. Dear Author,

    I dont understand why is she unhappy when u informed her that the item is already sold? @@

    Does she require those ppl that want to advertise there using the same email, and using the same title to reply so that she can keep track of it?