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You kid me?

Spotted one blogshop only offer poslaju delivery,
and they charges it at RM6 PER ITEM.

Cut throat man.


  1. Blame it on post Malaysia, Not the seller!
    It's for your own good.

  2. hmm.. Maybe you should ask them if they allow combined shipping, if you're buying more that 1 item.

  3. Every 500g RM6.

    What you buying? Heavy stuff?

  4. Author, you so skinflint ha? RM6 also want to bising2, after all that is the normal fee for poslaju for up to 500gm. Later, if use other method of delivery (like pos express), and item never reach you, then complaint again. Give and take lahhh... Poslaju is more reliable lah..

  5. I dont think you guys get it...
    I think the author is saying, its RM6 PER item.

    Meaning if buy 3 items is RM6 x 3 = RM18!

  6. exactly! all others wanna scold author when they're the ones reading it wrongly. so bodoh. go ahead scold me for calling others bodoh. but seriously if u wanna advice and whatnot at least make sure u understand what she's saying.

  7. Ya lar, I want to know what is she/he buying!!

    I encounter one blogshops, RM8 for first 3kg! Buy one stocking also RM8! So how? You like you buy lar!!

  8. ini lagi satu bodoh. u like u buy konon. u read wrongly don't go around telling people what to do.

  9. I was wondering why people were scolding the author.

    Before you pandai marah-marah orang lain, read carefully. See those words in red capital letters? PER ITEM.


  10. hey think i know which blog you're talking about author. i googled it and found the blog. if we're talking about the same blog, i think the owner got her words mixed up. if you read the next line, it is stated that it costs RM2 for every subsequent item nationwide.

    let me know if we're talking about the same blog.

  11. Hello, don't get me wrong.
    To those previous anonymous, please read twice before commenting :)
    It's been 3 years of online shopping,
    and I only complained once or twice, and that's because of the dumb sellers
    sent me a faulty item or lied to me.
    So peace la ppl. I do pay RM6 poslaju a number of times,
    but i haven't experienced paying RM6 PER ITEM for poslaju delivery.

    to Anonymous at 10.12pm,
    nope, you've got the wrong blogshop ;)
    & It's totally RM6 per item.

    I were to purchase 3 items, as in tops,
    but ends up ordering 2 items first to make sure of the postage.
    Indeed, she quoted me RMxx + RM12 (poslaju).

    So yeah.

  12. cekik darah laa aiyaa seller shouldnt be that greedy otherwise they wont get any customers =.=

  13. my god, i'm neither on seller's,buyer's nor author's side,but i'm VERY annoyed at the ppl who eagerly let their fingers run their keyboard b4 reading properly...these ppl r the ones who need a good slap!

    not only for this post, but other posts as well..

    always like this...they think they so know it all..

    -i'm not pretending to be anyone..

  14. Many sellers mark-up the postage!

    They think we (buyers) never go out, always stay at home and shop on-line only.

    Well, it is stated, you agree you buy lor... Their business won't last long anyway... :p

  15. POS LAJU is better than pos express lor.
    for the 1 item, charged rm 5.++.
    Up to 2 items maybe add rm 2 and above.
    depends on weight ok.
    just think properly.