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You'll never know who sits next to you!

I dealt with a pre-order blog, which provides okay service, but very very slow at replying emails. One reply would take her 2-3 days.

She uses her personal email to deal with orders, so I dont understand why she's so slow at replying cos everyone checks their personal email daily, and at least few times a day right? Especially if you're running a business.

Anyways, when I got my items, I realized that one of the item is not the one which I ordered. So I emailed her. After 2 days, I was getting nervous in case she's a scam artist and cheats me of RM45 (for that item alone). So I googled her personal email and lo and behold, guess who's face popped up?

My work colleague which I absolutely detest!

It was frustratingly funny and downright ironic. In any case, I kept quiet about my discovery, see her at work everyday and just waited for her bloody reply.

Guess what? 2 weeks and NO REPLY at all. I even sent the email again. And every single day I'm staring at her face. LOL.

So yesterday, I decided to confront her.
I asked her if she has any online boutiques since it's a hot trend.
She excitedly introduced her blogshop to me and gave me a long speech of her efficiency and cheap prices (so NOT true) for about 15 minutes.

Then I dropped the bomb.
Me: Oh, you're the owner of Blogshop X? I am one of your buyers.
Her: Really? What did you buy?
Me: I bought A, B and C. And I've been emailing you regarding the wrong item received for item C.

I swear, her face looked like a balloon losing air.

Her: Ohhh. Yeah I was gonna reply you soon after my supplier gets back to me, cos they sent me the wrong item. Sorry la to keep you waiting.
Me: It's been 2 weeks, does your supplier really take this long to reply you?
Her: They've been really busy with orders from other people all over the world so will take some time la.
Me: You should have at least emailed me or something, I was kinda worried.
Her: Oh, no worries la, I won't cheat your money.

Yeah right. If I didnt ask or confronted her, I bet I wouldnt even get any response.
To prove my point, she told me the next day that her supplier had miraculously found the time to reply her and my item will be sent within 2 days.
C'mon, shipping from Korea doesn't come within two days, otherwise why is the waiting period like 2 weeks right? Or at least 5 days.

But sure enough, in 2 days time, she brought the item and exchanged with me for the wrong one. I still think she's lying about the whole supplier thing.

But whatever it is, Im never buying from her again.

p/s: As she's my colleague, I will not reveal her Blogshop's name just in case she stumbles upon my post.


  1. oh mann..
    have a heart and share with us ;)
    mail me please at
    I wont breathe a word :D

    P.S I'm not working yet so I'm not your colleague!

  2. omg that is so uber malu!!

  3. Did she ask the office despatch boy to send the barang to your desk?

  4. Hahahah, funniest shit ever!
    Ur lucky she's your colleague though. Otherwise you won't get the right item back.
    But, I think she'll stumble upon this story. I mean, I dunno la..SMWDY's so famous now, I think almost everyone in the online shopping community reads SMWDY. And what's the probability of another story like this will happen? I think ur colleague would most probably read this ;p

  5. Aiya its ok la for her to read it. she'll learn her lesson. also writer say not going to reveal her blog ma

  6. "you hate me?"
    "yes i hate you"
    *cricket sounds in the office*

  7. hmm..since you won't reveal the blogshop's name..i shall not buy from any Korean pre-order blogs then ;p Never liked pre-orders though..I hate waiting!! Anyway, funny story =)

  8. I wish I had been there to see her face. Owned!!!

  9. HAHAHA the cat! SMWDY put more funny pictures inside stories after this! lol x)

  10. ya! agree! more funny pix to complement the stories! haha!

    to author: way to gooooo!! i like ur assertiveness.. ;D

  11. Oh what have I gotten myself into. Haha! Will do my utmost best.

  12. LOL this is epic! I hope she is not my colleague too XD psst author, can mail me which company is she from?

    mail to:

  13. Seller/ ColleagueMay 14, 2010 at 11:40 PM

    Hey! Why did u post this here? I already gave you the correct item right??

    LOL..sorry, couldn't help it. I'm not the seller/ colleague of the author ;p Just pulling everyone's legs ;p

  14. Hahaha. Good one! I fell for it. What if the real seller came? Everyone would think she was joking.

    Oh, and I waited for 5 minutes for the comment box to appear (I thought my internet was slow). Then I scrolled down and it was way down here because you put that huge space in the middle :p.

  15. omg!i fell for it too!i was totally blurred for a while,then there u are.good job!

  16. LOL! this is some funny shit man
    me and my girls will die gossiping/laughing our ass off about this
    if this ever happened !

  17. hahahaha Seller/Colleague, good one! I thought my internet connection was slow too LOL

  18. LMAO! got to hand it to you seller/colleague!
    wonder if the REAL one appears


    A good article this one! Oh how I wished I got to see her face fell. Efficient konon. RIIGGHHHHTTT....

    Put a sock where your(the actual seller) mouth is! Sheesh.

    This post is very distinctive, chances are she'll bound to read it anyway :) But better still, gotta let her taste her own medicine. Pfffttt.

  20. this is funny shit!!!!! LOL

  21. Was laughing reading the story and comments posted here, but seriously not very logical.

    If the story is indeed not a make up, either the seller was a bimbo or damn blur or the writer goes by some other name, cause how did the writer/buyer, who supposedly is a colleague of the seller, made an order right up to payment with her details provided and the seller had no idea that it was her colleague, surely the name would sound a bell, wouldn't it ?????

    Whether its true or not, this is an entertaining post after all .... =)

  22. it could happen u know. a girl in my class is called shu hui (everybody in class calls her that) but apparently she goes by the name janice too. she left her book one day and we saw in the book it was written Janice L but since we called her shu hui, no1 knew it was her book. until we made an announcement in class that someone who is using janice's book (who everyone thought was a senior) left the book in class. then only she said she's called janice too. so i think its logic she dunno she sold it to her officemate.

  23. OMG, Seller/Colleague, you gave me a HEART ATTACK.
    Good one though.

    To Anon MAY 16, 2010 10:03 PM, I actually did ask her how comes she did not recognize my name as I do not use different names to call myself by. Apparently, she says that my name is too common and that she has many customers by the same name. Sounds a bit vague, even to me cos same name yes, but same surname too? Possible, but how many of the exact ones can a single blogshop get? LOL. Guess we'll never know for sure.

    Totally made my day! ZOMGBBQS.

  25. hahaha i loovveee this story. i can't imagine being the seller/your colleague. damn kelakar man.