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Who paid?

Just an important issue that I wanted to raised. I own a blogshop. And sometimes I get alot of buyers at a time. This happened quite recently.

The thing is, buyer ordered an item. After 1 day, received a typical email as most buyers would send as below.

(Buyer A): Hi! Payment made, reference no. 1928192.

Okay, I had a couple of same amount of transfer payment that very same day, which other buyers include our email address in the receipient email, but she did not. So okay, I thought one of the payments was hers as some people dont bother to do so.

That same period, I had another buyer, (buyer B) email me: payment made, do check alright? As I am unable to scan my receipt now.

So I assumed that she was using cash deposit as mentioned in the order form, cause normally in my maybank transaction history, they will state transfer or cash deposit.

Then I told her to email me with receipt. As if not I cant confirm her payment.

While waiting for her receipt, I've already posted out Bueyr A's parcel along with others. After 3 days only Buyer B emailed me her receipt transaction, which did proof she made payment via ATM transfer!

At checking this I realized that Buyer A might have send in a fake reference number. So I checked with Maybank and they Confirmed that the reference code is not valid.

At this point I really dont know whether should I email Buyer A.

Have any of you ever encountered these kind of buyers? Should we expose them?


  1. email and expose her!

  2. report to the police if she denies!

  3. i'm sorry, but i felt compelled to slap you.i don't see why this is even an issue since you've already contacted Maybank and they've said the code is invalid. of course you should email her! and if she did lie/cheat/steal (which seems quite obvious from the facts stated), you should definitely expose her.

  4. actually i would slap u real hard too.As a seller u are not suppose to send out any parcel as long as the payment is not done and YOU should check payment first.Its your fault babe.sorry!

  5. call the buyer and request her to return the parcel or else you will lodge a police report or exposed her name on SMWDY.

  6. Yeah u should check first, but now that it happens, you can really just email her!!

  7. You have her phone number right?
    Call her with another number and when she picks up, ask her about it and threaten to expose her and lodge a police report if she doesn't return the parcel to you. Tell her you have her name, number and home address and she can't get away with stealing.
    And then, blacklist her for eternity!

  8. but of course you'd have to bear the postage cost of getting back the item.. you were careless in sending out the item without checking for payment properly first dear..

  9. No, you shouldn't bear the postage cost. That girl was intentionally cheating you because she even made up a fake reference number. Yes, you were careless, but it is the buyer's fault for cheating and it is she who should bear the postage cost to send it back. After all, you paid for the postage fee to send to her.