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CBOX hogging

If you guys haven't noticed yet, please pay a visit to a famous re-selling blogshop and read their cbox messages. Currently there's a ongoing drama about a dress, a girl who's not satisfied and a seller who's been claimed selling a dress she bought at rm50 for rm80 and worse, she even stated in her lowyatforum that she bought the dress at rm150 from a also famous preloved blogshop.

The main thing is, i know the girl is trying to give precaution to other people bout the fraud/lie but their drama is hogging the cbox, which is really annoying as the cbox is supposed to be for those who are looking for something or anything not for drama!

*Editor's note : Bring it here!!!


  1. I know! It was soooooooooo annoying and confusing coz I couldn't understand anything they said.

    I wish someone would bring them here!!

    PS. I was the one that asked them to take it here on SMWDY lol. Am dying for some juicy story!!

  2. Which blog?

    Mail me at

  3. which blog? pls email me at

  4. ah. the on going drama. well the seller should be ashamed of herself. she sold defected items to countless people already.

  5. In a nutshell:

    1. Girl buys dress at RM 50.
    2. Girl puts dress up for sale on a forum and claims that she paid RM 150.
    3. Girl asks RM80 for dress.
    4. Girl also posts dress on famous reselling blogshop.
    5. All hell breaks loose on cbox - last time I checked there's talk about bringing the police in because let's face it, they really have nothing better to do than shooting teenagers and arresting people for spamming.
    6. The end.

  6. mail me?

  7. yeah i know which blog.
    i think the best way to know whether the re-seller is lying, we should ask the seller for the dress. to get to the bottom of it.
    at this moment, everyone is just ASSUMING only.

  8. mail me too

  9. im a lowyat forum stalker. i know bout this seller cheating attitude when another forumer posted this on her signature..

    "Beware of xxx and her blogshop. I got cheated"

    so i assume NOT only ONE ppl who feel cheated. There's more out there.

  10. mail me the blog.

  11. ahh great way to increase traffic! ;)

  12. I've previously bought from seller in her blog.
    LV Wallet and Guess Wallet.
    She's a very nice seller though...

  13. I've emailed her to inquire about some stuffs before, found her pretty rude. Got turned off and never bought from her. So no idea if she cheats or not :)

  14. I know her - the seller. She's in my black list. Peace :)

  15. I previously bought a dress from seller.She's very nice to cod in my place and items are in good condition.
    I dun mean to side anybody but i guess theres always a risk buying online.So jus decide carefully before buying.
    P/s : She's very pretty..

  16. lol. y so busybody check ppl stuffs
    up to ppl la they wanna sell how much
    i believe all sellers oso mark up price
    most seller take clothing from bangkok at rm5 each den sell rm69.
    all want make profit ma.

  17. Duh..if u dowana buy then jus let it be.
    No offense but I think it's up to seller to name the price.

  18. to all, the reason i posted this post is not to complain about the marked up price. the main point is they both are hogging other people's cbox and that's annoying.

  19. so what if she is pretty her attitude aint pretty