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Oh no....

Crap... i think something is wrong with the Slap Me form.

In the last 3 days, i have received 18 stories but only 6 are complete. Rest are very much truncated. Arghhhh!!!

Is it the internet in Jakarta playing with me? Let me try to figure this out. Sorry if the site has gone boring. This is not RIGHT!


  1. SHIT!!!! I just sent u a fucking long stories!!!! And do u know what Im having the same problem. I thought because i din upgrade the form.. But now im using diff one already.

  2. ahh no wonder its been quiet for these past few days. i thought you were just busy... no worries! post them stories up in bulk and i can spend hours and hours just reading your blog. :)

  3. why are there so many people "slapping buyer"? who's slapping who? ;?


  4. shoot. i commented on the wrong post. -.-"

    now i'm slapping myself!

  5. SMWDY is getting boring now . sigh ;0

  6. yea..where are all the stories??!