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Are you listening?

I dont care if it's an inspired piece. If it's ugly then it's ugly.

Being Topshop/F21 inspired does not exempt it from the fact that it is in fact, fugly.


  1. which one? where? what?

  2. Amen sista. Plus I haaate it when sellers describe an item as being Topshop/F21 inspired because, hello?! These high street stores curi their inspiration from designers all the time. See how everyone from Anna Sui to Gwen Stefani is forever suing er, Forever 21.

  3. omg yes! i heard about that!

    but you know whats worse than that? when they say inspired and theres a picture of what its inspired from and it looks nothing like it.

  4. yes author! i hate it when they post pictures. worst is when it doesnt look the same at all. but seriously, any blogs putting up pictures of where it is inspired from or celebrities wearing something similar really irks me. i mean, so what if someone famous wears it? its still ugly! and what, they think just because lady gaga or blake lively wears it, its immediately gonna be top selling? sorry, its just me, but i'm really annoyed about it.

  5. i guess what gets me annoyed most when blogshops do that is that i get my hopes all high expecting it to be as good or 99% similar and then scrolling down only to find that it's those styles that are like from the pasarmalam or can become kain lap lantai... really. and they there to compare their clothes to those really really good ones. ergh.

  6. wait, what? so the item is ugly; big deal. like the "limited", "not-restockable" "not-inspired by anything" items are not ugly?

    i don't get this post, sorry.

  7. its ok if u dont get it.

  8. Not all shops sell pretty things. Ugly to some, but pretty to others. Get it? So, if its ugly, don't buy lah, what's the big deal here? I don't understand this post too :/.

  9. Yup... jus dont buy if u think is ugly.. diff ppl have diff taste.. no idea why is this pos for... ==

  10. I really do not get this post. Just because YOU find it ugly, does not mean the rest of the world finds it ugly too. If it's so hideous/ugly/fugly/wtv, then you can not buy it right?

    Seriously,dude. You think the shop only catering to you ke? pfft