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Another bites the dust...

On January, I'd bought a bulk of Headband from this Online Shop.
This girl gave wholesale price if i bought in a bulk.
So, I'm agree to bought those headband.
After, I had make payment include postage fee to her Maybank Account which total is RM 195.00

Then, the girl ask me to wait around two weeks to get those items i had bought because she will posted it from Bangkok.
Far place, cost times.
So, I had said "Okay".

But, after 2 months which is March, my order did not receive me yet.
So, I decided to ask the girl back what happened?
I also ask her for the tracking number.
She did checked but she said that those tracking number is not existed.
Then, I ask her to check with p.o(xtau pe benda...)
Then, she said that those item were at KLIA and ask me to check.

And, I believe her and keep myself waiting and waiting.
Still, after 2 months (now is May) I still did not receive it yet.
So, I had to ask her back.

Me : "Where is my parcel?"
Girl : "Owh.. I thought you already got it"
Me : "No I did not."

This thing make me mad already...
It just doesn't make sense anymore.
So, I think I wouldn't take any risk and no more waiting.
Then I decided to ask her to refund my money and just keep those parcel cause I don't want those anymore.

But, the girl told me that I have to wait(again with this waiting)...
I have to wait until she knows exactly what's happening with those parcel and also if I want my money back, still need to wait because she need to ask someone else to bank in those money for her.

After all this waiting, she still ask me to wait.
How long did I have to keep waiting??!!


  1. ....... oh im sorry... i just cant help it but smiling when reading this entry. felt sorry for the buyer tho but then again, *smiling*, i can't imagine if you, buyer were in front of me and telling me all this things. I would burst! LMAO! *slap me if you must!

  2. Why oh Why do ppl still buy from this person? She has the worse track record in the history of online shopping.

  3. who is she? what's her blogshop?may i know?

  4. Again the never ending story about Thai transvestite looking blogshop..ahhh.

    I felt sorry for you but I really think SMWDY should put the blogshop name up so that there'll be less victims.

  5. omggg sad sad sad! but smwdy only exist in 2010 january la and the news came in around march? i forgot. She still couldn't avoid it if she sees the previous post about the transvestite.

    author, there is no hope in this anymore. and the blogspot is set in private now. i sincerely hope nobody will continue to buy from her already.

  6. I hear the owner of this blogshop is back in Malaysia. Anyone has her local number, start blasting her now.

  7. my sympathy to the buyer. lesson learnt, always ask seller when will she post the item and how long does it take for the item to arrive (in normal circumstances) BEFORE making any payment. however, in this case, i still believe prior to any payment being made, seller has the duty to inform the buyer that the delivery will take quite some time. this is important so that the buyer can manage her expectation.

  8. as a seller, sometimes i wil b afraid if my buyer said they haven receive yet (so far, such case never happen), cuz wil b wonder if this is true, wat if the person has received it but stil claim hasn receive it, then i have to refund the money.. btw, i'm not saying the author is telling lie, i'm just wondering wat if it's lie from some buyer..

  9. to come to think about it, im with anon 6:31pm..
    Ya, u have a point there.. Im a seller myself, n so far, touch wood, dis (not receiving parcel) never happened to me so far, so ya, i would really love to know, how to track or identify if the buyer is telling a lie or etc by not receiving parcel and demand for a refund n all?? hmmm

  10. omg, this blog is so famous but until now i dunno which one! from other sites and all people keep talking about the thai transvestite. please please email me! anyone!

  11. i'm still clueless and have no idea which blogshop this is. maybe cuz i haven't bought anything from her so i don't know -.-" but i was suspecting this one shop. is it the one with koi fish all over her shop? lol

  12. Hi gals, to read about some latest updates regarding the mentioned blogshop, refer to NOS. Can't recall the post but its under one of the frequently read post tab, angry case 10 or something. Seller responded there!
    Sorry i can't recall the link to NOS, someone care to share?

  13. I saw a similar stories in SMWDY before. The same one I think. Very curious! Who is this seller?

  14. SMWDY, prmoting NOS here? haha...

  15. Alaaa... I've always been directing traffic there from the start. What does that tell you?

  16. author of this post should contact the owner (alex as given in NOS) and deal directly with him since he's apparently refunding those that failed to get items from this blogshop. all the best to you.

  17. May i know what is NOS? curious O.o

  18. May I know whats the blog name? Tq

  19. PO is post office-lah right?

  20. Hello.
    This is a feedback that i'm received from the blogshop owner.

    Look im not avoiding you.I think i shud type in bahasa so you understand.

    Sekarang saya kat UK England.Masa saya post bagi awak saya kat Thailand.Kalau awak tak pergi post office ambil benda tu akan dihantar balik ke Thailand.Awak email saya 2bulan selepas saya bagi awak tracking number dan sekarang saya bukannya di Thailand macam mana nak check??!Im good enough to refund you.
    Awak beli saya pergi post,sekarang benda tu hilang saya yang rugi tau.Baik sungguh dah saya refund awak.
    Saya tak boleh M2u awak duit sebab saya tak boleh acess TAC number faham sebab sekarang saya di UK.Jangan awak cakap buruk saya,kalau saya benar benar nak tipu awak saya tak letak muka saya di gambar atau email awak balik.Cakap dengan orang to baik sikit.saya pun manusia ada perasaan.

  21. anon 6.44pm..

    the seller can always check the tracking number to know whether or not the buyer has received the goods..if pos laju it will state the receiver's name and ic no..

    so the buyer cannot tipu la..coz pos laju will update their system..

  22. I am intereted to know this blogshop to , pls mail me @

    BTW is your parcel stuck in castam ???or maybe..

  23. Actually I think buyers should take the initiative to track the parcel themselves. 2 months later only inform the seller was really a bit late. And let say the parcel was delivered but by that time you were not at home, the parcel would be transferred back to post office and you need to go and collect. Worst case is you didnt check your mail box and didnt see the notice from Postman and you didnt go to the post office to collect the parcel. Ultimately the parcel would be sent back to Thailand as claimed by the seller. This is truth.

  24. Btw, i didnt received any parcel from THAILAND.
    And i've already checked the tracking num that she has been given to me but the tracking num is not exist.

  25. i've previously bought an item once from this blogshop. and let's just say the experience wasn't a good one and have never bought anything from her ever since then! she sent me the wrong colour of the item I requested and did not refund my balance plus terrible and rude service when I enquired as to why I have not receive my parcel even after two weeks of the payment being made! to my horror, she had the cheek to say, it's not her fault and I should go check with pos malaysia. seriously, wth!

    ladies! don't buy anything from her.

  26. you should've checked with the post office at KLIA, all international parcels are dealt there..instead of just waiting..

    tracking number might not exist in the online system mainly is because when the international parcels are posted, they have their own tracking numbers, but when they reach KLIA, the tracking numbers will be changed to local tracking numbers.

  27. who is she???? what blogshop???? some one email me!

  28. oh no! what a fcked up seller! No business ethnics at all! no point putting the blogshop in private, should just close down.. almost buy something from her, luckily didnt! phewww!

    btw, i dont think she looks like a thai transvetite.. she looks like some sort of hooker standing from geylang.. tsk tsk.. ooops! haha..