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Where from? How so?

I just wanna clarify something that's been on my mind with sellers out there, what do you really mean when you state that the clothing is "imported"?

I feel as if this is just a gimmick by sellers so that their item can appear to be more exclusive and it gives them the chance to hike up the prices.

So if their clothes are from China/Taiwan/Hong Kong then also counted as imported? But aren't most clothes these days from there and doesn't that already automatically makes it imported?


  1. Personally, I don't give two hoots to what the sellers "proclaim" as imported or otherwise. I only view an item as truly imported if it is from a BRAND which we cannot get in Malaysia.

    I also do think that a lot of sellers use the "imported" gimmick too much, until nothing is exclusive anymore. Every other shop is selling "IMPORTED! EXCLUSIVE! NON RESTOCKABLE" items these days *yawn*

  2. my sentiments exactly.

    i don't believe in 'exclusively imported'. whenever i see the word 'imported' i think 'oh this must be from thailand/china/wherever your supplier got it from'.

    i buy something because it looks nice, and it doesn't matter whether it's imported or not.

    besides this, as highlighted in a previous smwdy entry, just STOP with the 'steallll!', sellers. frankly, a lot of things in blogshops nowadays are nowhere near 'steals', they've been marked up so terribly.

  3. Ya...i actually care more about whether the clothes look nice o not...but somehow i bought a dress from a blogshop which claim it is imported..but when i receive is not what i expected(the price is not cheap)..the dress somehow looked like tailor-made in Malaysia...And quality assured?? i saw many "burst hole" like the two pieces of cloth is not being machine sew properly...and i agree with anon above, many sellers put "steal" but actually the price still so so high..

  4. Exactly, I import my clothes from Taiwan but I never ever label my clothes as 'imported'. I just do not see them as imported stocks seeing as most garments are manufactured either in Thai, China and Taiwan.
    However, I do label some items as 'steal', but only because I really really think it's a steal. To blogshops which label everything or majority of their items as steals, now that's annoying.

  5. i agree with the "steal" comment. seriously, nothing i see online are "steal"s anymore. i mean really, if it's priced at RM60 and above, i'd rather shop at forever 21 or nichii or kitschen or something.

  6. Anonymous 2.40pmMay 3, 2010 at 6:00 PM

    i know, right? If it's priced that much, i'd rather go to the mall - at least at these retail stores you can feel the material and inspect the clothing and try it on to see if it fits nicely. i wouldn't mind paying a lil extra.

    my friends are starting to boycott online shopping, mainly due to this reason, and it's spreading to THEIR friends.

    really, sellers, tops for rm50? bags for more than rm90? that's retail prices already. we roughly know your cost (and some of us know where you get your stock) and it irks me to no end how much it's marked up.

  7. 100% in agreement with Anon 6:00 PM. i once bought a dress from nichii at RM60+ only, and i got to see the material, try it on, check for defects, and i think they allow exchange within a few days, too? so yeah.

    this is just my personal opinion, though. i'm sure plenty of you still don't mind shopping online as it's "convinient" and whatnot.

  8. i used to purchase online bout 3 dresses per month.
    so now, i only bought 1 dress in every 3 months.


    because at the end, i prefer to shop with my bffs n gfs to a retail shop, test the dress, check for the defects and pay & get it instantly w.out worrying bout the irresponsible seller/undelivered issue. Seriously most dresses only cost less than rm60 if u know where ur shopping at.

  9. I know the sellers will go 'don't shop online if you think it's so expensive!'. *yawn*

    The point of online shopping is to have cheaper price if compared to retail prices. It defeats the purpose of buying online if the price is marked way up high. Like what anon at 6:00 PM mentioned, RM50 for tops? LOL..really too much.

    I know off topic but just needed to rant a

  10. i'm a seller, just need your opinion:) What if the cloths that we bought back ourselve from oversea? no matter from singapore/bangkok/hong kong/taiwan. For buyer is that still consider as "imported"? I meant the stock is not from local supplier but we go oversea and bought it back:)

    and for "non-restockable"... actually just to inform buyer the stock is really cannot be restock due to we bought back from overseas with limited quantity. Shall we still need to mention "non-restockable" so that buyer will not enquiry for restock? Thanks:)

  11. i think u should, anon 12.47am. if your clothing is hot selling, and limited, you can avoid the restock-enquiry mess by simply stating it. me as buyer also won't be that disappointed then. just an opininion. ;)

  12. to Anon 12.47am, maybe you could just state that the item is brought exclusively from wherever you bought it from instead of just stating it as from overseas?

    maybe that way then we can distinguish with other blogshops that abuse the word "imported".

  13. Hey Author.. I'm agree with Anon 12:47 AM :) for exmaple, if you got something from Nike US which is not available in Nike Malaysia yet, you will oso telling ur friends u got it from US rite..? instead of Nike Malaysia..? same goes to all d sellers out there...

    Most of d seller define IMPORTED as they personally hand pick the items from overseas which incured flight ticket/accomodation n etc which caused their cost much higher than getting d items from local suppliers.. :)

  14. yeah..i agree with anon above :) my definition of exclusively imported is when i personally travel abroad to hand pick the items..n due to airport tax/transport/accomodation that's why the items priced as such.....unlike the "so-called" imported items we see in stocks...the handpicked items are usually bought in small please do understand that usually if u buy in bulk/stocks, you can get it wayyyyy cheaper, then u can priced it lower...but you can't expect us to do the same when the items we brought in were bought at retail prices u know? ;) sometimes we just wanted to bring in something different..which is why we buy in small numbers..

    and we are also human being....finding the items alone need alotttt of patience/energy...well i can say this bcoz i just got back abroad for that purpose ;p...nak tercabut kaki i ok? hehe

    i hope that clears up some issues n please be a little more considerate n u should think further rather than judge based on your on immediate presumption without further knowledge of what the seller had to go through ;)