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Unwanted Bumps

Slap me if you like, but i am so ANNOYED by this stupid blogshop who keeps bumping up her posts! she's been trying since forever to clear her ugly stock. The only thing she used to be famous for was her 'agnes b wallet'. ring any familiar bells?

Yes i sent in an order form asking her to stop bumping up her posts but wow, this seller is SO rude! i didn't scold her with any rude words, i just told her to stop bumping up her posts, but in her reply (by tracking my ip address - which is not even my ip address because i'm online at my friend's house hahaha! joke's on you!) she called me a bitch. Wow. I wouldn't like to deal with her as a seller!

She said there's a reason for bumping such as a price drop, but her price DID NOT CHANGE. She's freely bumping as she likes, with duplicate posts too (which she probably will remove after reading this).

More rudeness: she said, 'BF never bother to bang you till you're so damn free? Why don't I ask a few guy to give you a nice 3some? Loser! Mind your own blardy business!'

Jeez, like, sorry that I'm a buyer who prefer to see new stuff instead of old stock from a year ago that can't sell.


  1. Care to mail me the blogshop? Thanks :)

  2. I dont see no fault. Some blogshops do this.
    Dont visit her blogshop lo if annoy you so much.

    And I dont think you have any right to tell her how to post her blogshop.

  3. hi author, please email me the blogshop, thanks!

  4. Wow that is just hardcore rude!

  5. First of all, I hate sellers doing that. It really frustrates me because I'm expecting to see new stock and all I see are old pieces they can't get rid off.

    Secondly...Googled! ;) Gosh, she's so rude! And totally pointless! Sounds like so uncivilised and unprofessional.

    I really wonder what her position is (since she mentioned 'do you know who I am in the corporate world') and what company she works for.

  6. Well...we have to look at this in 2 different perspective. Author, put yourself in the seller's shoes, why would you bother sending her an order form telling her to stop bumping her post? If you really dislike her shop, stop frequenting it. Of course seller will feel miffed lah....
    And seller, twas a bit harsh lah your words... Just ignore lah and take it as part of your challenge as a seller...
    Sigh, lots of funny people in this world... Like this punya hal pun boleh jadi.

  7. yeah, i totally agree with lizlizliz and anon may 11, 11.36 pm..

    it's like the buyer is the mother of this blog owner, she wants her to do this n that..of course seller will get pissed of..

  8. i know which blogshop is this XD
    well, deal with her before, she has a good service yet the quality of her clothes is not bad though =)

  9. i just learned a new word - bump...haha~

  10. i guess the buyer is just a bit miffed?

    but the seller really damn lebih la -___- so rude!!

  11. slap buyer for trying to be a big boss in other people's blogshop.

    slap seller for being too rude.

    i love dramas though haha

  12. WTH is bumping in the first place??

    I am clueless.

  13. slap seller!

    wana scold also be more appropriate pls. seller, using the bf-nv-bother-to-bang-u and 3some thing is too over. u could have said like 'this is my blogshop im the boss' but u're juz..


    sure u from corporate world ah

  14. i have to agree with buyer here, sorry.

    i have a question, am i the only person here (other than buyer/author) who gets annoyed by these fake updates?

  15. I actually get annoyed with empty bumpy post, sorry.

    Slap seller for empty post and another 100x slap for being plain rude (i think seller's love that 3some thingy).

  16. Thts kinda rude tho..pls email the blogshop pls.

  17. mail me the blogshop

  18. i don't think bumping is so wrong , but she was too rude. please e-mail me the blogshop. :S

  19. another example of people who use order form wrongly... is the blog owner doesn't provide an email for inquiry? maybe this is one of the reason why the buyer get mad...

  20. wow what does bf not banging you enough got to do with anything? -.- seller damn sohai right?

    these few weeks, 2 blogshops have been reposting their posts every day just so they will appear on reviewers' blogrolls. not sure if author is talking about one of them.

    wanna do that, do it like once a week only lah. every day or once in two days is just -.-

  21. hi.
    please email me the blogshop as well.
    this blogshop looks like something i definitely want to be avoiding.
    thank you.

  22. I think buyer damn kaypoh. why so sibuk about the seller's blog. if dont like the baju or her clothing style, dont visit her blog la. apa susah? that also shows u keep visiting her blog often, if not, how the hell, u know she do that? right or not

    But i like seller's response. very kureng! and pedas. i support seller.

  23. Hi there! Please email me the blogshop, she's so rude lah. 3-some??! Seriously? So low of her.

    Thanks hun! =)

  24. Maybe the seller isn't getting 'banged' enough since she's acting so bitchy. Hahahahaha

    Slap seller!

    (I hate fake updates too -_-)

  25. Seller's POVMay 12, 2010 at 5:44 PM

    Umm, i'm a seller and i occasionally do the bumping thingy. Honestly, don't think it's misleading as everyday there are different people that goes online at different times and they could have missed the recent update. Every time i do that, i do get some new orders. So, i don't see why that is wrong.

    To the author, i assume you are an avid online shopper who probably frequent the blogrolls few times a day so you would have seen the latest updates of the day, but not every one out there is as 'committed' as you i guess. So, don't slap us as we too want to clear our stocks. Hope you understand from our POV.

  26. what's up with the link to this post? is that the owner?

  27. does anyone know which blogshop is it? mail me pls,

  28. I'm a seller and i dont do that. Its plain misleading. I'm also a buyer so i know what its like to get all excited to see new items then only to find out that its a bumped up post. Why not advertise at adbox? I know ur post will go down and not everyone can see but i really think its better than to give "false hope" cos me as a buyer, once i know a blogshop always bumps up their post i couldnt be bothered to visit them again.

  29. i agree with lizlizliz..n a few anonymous

  30. mail me the blogshop url too

  31. bumping quite common la, but that reply really rude.

  32. i don understand y the buyers want to get all flustered up when the seller lacks me, simple..there are tons n tons of blogshops growing out there, i link them, i bookmark them, antime i wud just browse those other blogshops la than the one who always update late!

    i don think i will go to the extent of scolding the seller about why she's not updating..unless if i really has something against the seller ke, if i'm her partner in setting up her blog ke, then maybe la..but this? geez..i don agree with telling the seller what to do

    -a buyer

  33. May I know which blogshop is this? I can't find a single clue! >.<
    Anyone can email me if you know which blogshop is this. Hehe.. Thanks!

  34. hello "a buyer" u dont understand is it? she's angry not because there's no update. but angry because sellers bump up their blog by posting the same thing again instead of updating. updating is the way how a blog can be on top of the blog roll list. so naturally when a blog is on top people will assume there are new updates. but the truth is that there are no updates and seller just post the same thing.

    my god, these place is full of people who cant read/understand properly.

  35. my Inglish SuxksMay 13, 2010 at 11:47 PM

    i agree with u May 13, 2010 9:46 PM.
    some people had a very low degree of understanding.
    bumping an empty post just for the sake to get on top of the blogroll list is not fair for other blogshop owners who put effort to update.

    think again. empty update vs real update. u click and visit the blogshop who likes to bump just to find there's nothing new.
    upset? yes.
    disappointed? yes.
    wasting time? yes.
    annoying? yes.

    -noticed a preloved blgshop who always keep bumping d same post everyday. hmmph!