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Calling all customers who are seeking refunds from Putri Shahreena Daud of Th3 Golden Wardrobe, please do write to her with your claims. I cannot personally help you chase the money but please do CC a copy of all emails to me. I can only be your witness. Shahreena, do me a favor and CC all your emails pertaining to these refunds to me as well.

This only applies to customers seeking refund or exchange in damaged goods, non deliveries, out of stock goods or anything pertaining to a monetary transaction within Th3 Golden Wardrobe and its affiliated blogshops belonging to Putri Shahreena Daud.

STRICTLY does not apply to cases of "I dont like her", "She's rude", "I dont understand her BM" or "I want to buy her handphone"

Do it asap as I would like to update the status on the 21st May 2010. Shahreena, this is the time to make right. Make me proud!

** I am getting submitted forms about cases of being cheated by Shahreena. PLEASE WRITE TO HER INSTEAD! CC me the email. I cannot do anything if you all keep submitting forms. If you want your money back, just email her ok? Not me. Please please please.


  1. wah! she delete her blog la!

  2. "I want to buy her handphone"


  3. For your information,
    i didn't received any email from my customer.
    Please used my gmail.

  4. but i still wanna get me a phone like hers... =(
    i want a hp with a spambox!! shareena, i envy u.. not only u're like rockstar famous nw, u hav the ultimate hp! so lucky~

  5. just mention ur email here la!
    u keep changing u email!
    thats why i cant reach u!

  6. haha because she use her cstomer's money..
    thats y she can buy that kind of phone.. haha

  7. Shahreena has been in touch with me. I'll keep you girls posted soon

  8. do business until so miserable! well, i guess she's not whole-heartedly cheating on her customers... if not she wouldnt even be refunding and clearing up the mess? more like she really can't handle the business and somehow kinda screwed it up.

  9. Shahreena, i hope u're really turning a new leaf this time.

    However, if u're keen on doing business the proper way, please do not start up new blogs or deleting blogs especially th3goldenwardrobe. Think of the customers who have not come to known this whole fiasco. U should be leaving the domain on and putting up a notice to announce the refunds instead of just shutting it down. Not everyone comes to SMWDY.

    Of course i know with the power of google, everyone will eventually end up here. But this isn't the appropriate way to clear up your name. Please do the refund the proper way and be transparent. Remember to check every available folders in your email before deleting the mails too.

    We as readers should stop with the hp spambox/hate her/making fun comments. This isn't helping the refund process. Don't make yourself look bad by not helping with anytime at all but making unuseful remarks.

  10. Can someone pls story mory me? what actually happened? im so clueless

  11. To Mayz,

    Pull that stick out of your a**. If people want to make comments about her fabulous handphone or how much they hate her, let them. She stole their money, you can't expect them to be nice and forgive and forget. Who are you, the comment police?

    To Anonymous May 17, 2010 12:05 PM,

    Read the Rubies No More post and the comments :).

  12. Mayz,
    thanx for ur support =]
    Im just wanna everybody knows
    if Im a liar, I would never and ever rplying all the comments.
    Also I xkan mengaku kesalahan yang I buat dengan jadi MIA.
    Now, Im just received 2 emailed =]
    the rest, item already posted.

  13. Anonymous MAY 17, 2010 1:15 PM

    I ain't the comment police but at least I don't go make things worse as a bystander. They can't be nice to her, I'm fine with it. She perhaps deserves to those non-helpful comments. I NEVER once told them to forgive and forget (read properly please) but she's trying to refund the best she could (as according to her). And MIND YOU, those commenting on phones and whatsnot WERE NOT those that were not receiving items/refunds but rather nosy and busybody like you and me. Obviously IF those were the victims I would very well understand their emotions because I have been cheated before too. SO, your point is very invalid.

    Sorry if my comment seems to be pulling some hair out of you. If you dislike it, you could just ignore it. No need to get yourself to be rude and emo over it :)


    I am not supporting you but I support the transparent process of your refund is done. I wonder too how come buyers do not email you as what you said (have you checked your spam box?).

  14. Hey! whats the status of this case already? do update us!! =)

  15. yup... any updates..?

  16. any updates??she promise me to refund my money end of may.but until now i still not get my refund...:(

  17. @ Anon June 7, 2010 10:13 AM : HUH? Email me please. She claims all refunds has been made.


    is this the shahreena you guys been talking about?