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Beating around the bush of Perhentian

I’m so totally pissed off with this one seller who sold me a cardigan. It’s been close to 2 weeks and I still have not received it. She will take ages to reply my email and when she does reply she will never answer what I asked! Sickening. Imagine the late reply with no answer to your queries and you have to email again to ask!! I went through her chatbox and apparently there are other buyers too who go through the same thing! Payment made but no parcel altho the seller claimed to have posted it and no tracking number given when requested!! Some also requested for a refund but no news from the seller.

Here’s our email conversation:

ME: u have the measurement for the above item? It says it can fit from uk6-uk10 but for certain clothes the measurement is kinda small. thanks!

SELLER: No babe sorry. Btw may I know what size u usually wear?

ME: that depends though..sometimes m or L..but for cardigan maybe L size..

SELLER: Owh ic.. I can recommend u to get bigger size. I only have one more with me. I'm sure u can fit in :)

ME: hmm ok..can use pos ekspres?

…No reply from seller
…No reply from seller
…2 days later

ME: hi..didn't get ur reply and just saw that payment for the cardi must be made latest today. still hv?

…No reply from seller
…No reply from seller

ME: hi again..just wanna know whether the cardi is still available or not and whether it is restockable if all's sold out..and how long i need to wait for it. thanks a lot..


Seller: Its available and limited for now. Kindly make payment by 2@m today if u want one yah? :)Btw I can't use pos ekpress for this cardigan.. So its rm 38 including postage fee. Thanks dear :)

ME: Hi..payment made..pls see attached for the details.. thanks ya..btw can you provide me the tracking number?..thanks again :D

…No reply from seller
...The next day..

ME: Hi..did u received my payment?

...2 days still no reply from the seller

ME: Hi..i need to know my current status now pls

SELLER: Goin to pos on monday k :)

...4 days have passed..

ME: hi..have u posted my cardigan? i need it by Friday..need to use it on saturday..pls reply thanks

SELLER: Yes babe :)

ME: when did u post it? may i hv the tracking number pls thanks ya

SELLER: Yes babe :)

...The next day..

ME: Hi..I still have not received my cardigan. May i know when you post it and i would appreciate it if you could provide me with the tracking number. Thanks.

..No reply from seller..
...The next day…

ME: It's been close to 2 weeks. I still have not received my cardigan but you said you have already posted it many days back. You took so long to reply my emails. I hope you can be more sensitive to your customer's needs. I've been really patient all these while. If you are busy with exams and what not do let me know. The reason why i want the tracking number is because if the item has been sent out and didn't reach me at least i have the item number to track it down.I hope you will reply this email. Again I need to know the day you sent the item and the tracking number.Thanks!

SELLER: Hye seriously I already sent it and try to get someone at home to check the tracking number for u but no one at home can help me. I'm at perhentian right now.internet coneection on my phone not so good. I'm really sorry.. I post everything out before I left.. But didn't expect this to happen..

ME: thanks for replying. I hope my parcel didn't get lost. Pos Laju requires the recipient's signature so it is impossible that they sent it to the wrong address. Furthermore, i'm at home everyday and almost everyday i receive parcels from pos laju but none from you. Very well..the tracking number is important at least we can know the status. When will you be able to provide me the tracking number? Do let me know at least i know how long more to wait and mentally prepare for it. Thanks again.

SELLER: I'm so sorry yah. I suppose to email u once I post it but I left early so didn't manage to email u. Really sorry.

*sigh* So now what? You get what I mean? Even her last email there were no answers or any solutions given. Sick la. Like when she said 'really sorry' it could mean two things either:

1) too bad i'm not gonna help you with this. Go figure yourself or

2) I will give you the tracking number and help you out with this once i'm back home. Don't worry'.


  1. Does she answer emails through her Blackberry? I once dealt with a seller who did that and she confirmed my order 2 days after I had sent it and asked me to pay hari tu jugak. Seriously?

    She also used a lot of "yah's" :D. Maybe we're talking about the same seller.

  2. Threaten to take matters to the police. That should get her going.

    Seriously sellers, if you do not have the time and commitment to do business, then DON'T!!!

  3. emm..tats not d rite way 2 treat a customer..geez.
    talk bout mood killin.. i hate it when sellers act like tat.

    *slap*slap*slap*slap d seller

  4. yup, yup, yup

    tats darn true!! agree wit ANON May 15, 2010 2:24PM

  5. Anon 1 here...

    To the author...did you buy that black cardigan that costs RM32? I bought one! Her service sucked, but I LOVE that cardigan. The quality is really good. Oh, and she didn't return my RM2 balance. Haha.

  6. i would not have bought from her given her response to inquiries.

  7. Hi may I know which blog r u talking about?

  8. Pls mail me the blogshop you dealing with, afraid I deal with the same seller.


  9. pls let me kno which blog is it?im an avid online shoppers..takut me..

  10. hi.
    please email me the blogshop as well.
    would like to know to avoid.

  11. hey hey i need to know who this is

  12. Reading this alone got me feel like bitch slapping the seller. It's so exasperating la wei. It's as if she didn't understand english and just repeat what statements she knows in hopes you'll leave her alone. @@#$%^$&

    I know how you feel since I was once in this situation too about the benefit spree. And the police report does make an impact to speed up my refund (After 3 months). So yeah, just make a case out of it, scare the crap out of her. That's the least you can do.

    Such a waste of air having these sort of people around servicing us.

  13. wanted to know who's the seller! pls... :)

  14. please let me know too, thanks :)

  15. i hate this type of seller! i have this experience and mind you until now i haven't receive my parcel!! ;(( now is more than 3 weeks already! when i ask for poslaju tracking number: no answer! instead of giving me my tracking status she reply me " sorry i'm away and she said she will check the status for me. but yet, she never get back to me! i bought thing from her that cost me almost 100.! this type of seller make me sick shopping online!! such a bitch and cheater!!! i'm so angry and disappointed!

    ** hint: this seller with her blond paris hilton wanna be model**!!


  16. omg, i will definitely die of waiting if i'm you, author.

    you have such patience, really admire you for it.

    may i know which blogshop is this?

    please email me,


  17. if she doesn't want to sell her stuff then just say so lar..don't waste people's time..the money can go to other sellers..

  18. paris hilton wannabe? the blog is not accessible now. is she going to runaway with the parcels?

    i remember there's this incident involving this blogshop too some time back (few mths ago).

  19. finally..after waiting for 2 weeks..i received the cardi already..

    this will be my first and last purchase from this blogshop..

  20. I know whose blog is this. I have her fb and she update her status frequently not forgetting updating photos and all . I doubt that she's that busy to reply her customers email!

    Dont buy from her that'll teach her a lesson. Her stuff is so kampung anyways hahahaha

  21. well one heck of a patient person, you are. if it were me, i dah mengamuk dah kot haha.

    sellers take note; when replying e-mails, please lah make sure you've answered all enquiries. so troublesome and kinda annoying to have to email many2 times asking the same thing.

  22. She updated her blogshop. Anyone wants to buy anything from her? :p

  23. i tried it before also. The seller even told me that she had 'drop' my parcel at home after 3 weeks...i still patient and replied her 'no problem, please mail me the tracking no. after u post the parcel'. after 2 days, i mailed her again, she told me 'dear, i lost your parcel and the item is not available anymore'. god!!! i been waiting for almost 1 month. it really makes me angry. and she only refund my $ after 2 weeks....
    this seller really terrible. she always reply my mail late, irresponsible to her customer...even she is wrong, she never apologize to me...gosh!!!!

  24. Ok I really need to know which seller is this! Is it LS? :p

    author kindly email me the blogshop name, TQ!