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I just want to share this for an evening laugh. I'm not complaining or blaming the seller. Somehow I found it quite funny.

I bought two clothes from this blogshop. She sell her clothes form RM40++ and now she's having a sale. I just received my parcel like 20mins ago and the clothes still have price tag from this shop at Sungei Wang and Times Square (it two or three branches at BB).

So now I know how much profit that the blogshop made cos it stated at the price tag 'RM 13.90'.
LOL, I've got Punk'd!


  1. how dare a person buying cloth from retailer, mark up the price n resell it, somemore the person bought it from a well known place.. then shld i buy cloth from ZARA warehouse at atria n resell it?? unless u bought it oversea, something unique, then as a buyer, i dun mind buying from u if i like it..

  2. @Anon May 25, 2010 6:05 PM: Guess what. Most blogshops do that.

  3. @ Anon 6:14PM : Eh sorry ok... speak for yourself. I travel far & beyond to handpick my stuff for sale. I hand make too. and i know alot of blogshops same as mine. We dont re-sell retailer goods.

  4. I don't see any problem for selling re-sell goods~ just that the seller has to be smart a could she sent out the items without checking?

  5. a little misfortune on the seller's part :) i don't see what's wrong with it personally, business is still business although i do know some sites who get their stock for rm25 and hike up the price to rm99!

  6. I really don't see any prob with reselling goods too. To ANON 1, if you'd like to resell zara's clothes from which you got from a warehouse,by all means do so. It's your business, what you intend to do with it it's not my problem.

    Although, this is just a tiny mistake from the seller's part. lol-worthy but nothing to get hyped about

  7. before start smacking I wana know, is it preloved?

  8. agree with anon May 25, 2010 6:14 PM.

    Alot of blogshops do that. i noticed, most blogshops hike the price of the things you can get in sg wang/bts.

    then again, can blame sellers. you want cheaper stuff, go get it yourself. if you're too lazy to go out, shop online.

    there're pros n cons.

  9. Anon May 25, 2010 6:05 PM,

    Shocking! What a travesty! How dare blogshops buy things at a lower price and then mark up the price of goods just to make a living? What is the world coming to? Why does God allow this to happen? Why why whyyy??!?!?

    Get real la babe. You think it costs Topshop 300 ringgit to make one dress izzit? And then sell it for RM310?

  10. Its a good laugh tho... moral of the story shop in sg wang/bts unless u live far away from those places :P

  11. lol.
    then dont buy online.

  12. Author here :)

    To Anon May 25, 2010 10:00 PM : No it's not preloved. Its brand new. The blogshop is quite well-known tho.

    To others : I didn't blame anyone. When i first saw the clothes (its a lace tank) i thought it was quite rare and hard to find at offline shops. Since I seldom go to BB area. But when I saw the price tag, I did recognize that particular shop selling low price clothing at BTS and SW. I felt frustrated at first to know that I just splurged for something that cost RM13.90.Anyway I learned my lesson. What i'm trying to say is, the owner should remove the price tag at the very 1st place. Sometimes buyer didn't mind paying high price for something that they like, as long as they didn't know the actual price.Have a good day :D

  13. Anony 12.15am..
    Then want us sellers bought @ RM40 sell it @ RM20 is it??

    If you thing the items worth the la..Don't think about how much the profit that the seller make..

  14. aaliyah u got anon 12:15am wrong. she was being sarcastic and she said that obviously the profit will be a lot, hence the topshop example. the cost for making a dress being sold at rm310 cant be rm300. aiya, u dont understand meh?

  15. Oooo..
    my bad..
    sorry..very sorry for snapping for no reason.
    forgive me..

  16. agree with the author. sometimes ignorance is bliss. :)