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Counterfeit Cop

Are we allowed to buy or sell counterfeit goods in Malaysia?? If not mistaken, this is illegal and infringe of intellectual property! I think at least you should mention is "what what" inspired instead of label this is Hxxmxx Bixkxn Bag right? Do you know how much it cost for the genuine one? And you only sell if for less than RM200!

Both sellers and buyers, I think we should have some knowledge or understanding on this matter before the custom or police "call you for interview". (Seriously, I dislike people who sell or buy counterfeit goods...please respect intellectual property, what for you go and buy a fake one if you can't afford to buy the genuine one? Those not branded one also look very nice kay? )

Hello there. I was told by a guest in my cbox that I was alerted in your blog. I really appreciate your comment that I should have put the inspired or N/A or replica to the handbags so then the buyers knows that the bags are not the authentic one.
I tell you what, even the price is below 200, but still they are still few customers request to pay installment. It shows that they love fashion and luxury good but don't have enough money to get one. So, they go for the replica one. I even came to few very very fussy buyer who wanted to get the bags but expecting it will be 100% like the authentic one. And I did somehow suggesting to them to go for brands like GUESS or MNG that are authentic and not that expensive. I know how much a designer bag will cost and my intention is just to satisfy their fashion obsession with selling the N/A bags but look similar to the authentic. Yes, my action is wrong but there's are million blogs,shops are selling fake handbags and trillion more people are buying. Why? Because not everybody can afford the authentic one but everybody wanted to have it.
Anyhoo, I appreciate your critique and other comment about the issue. Will try to improve my service in future. Peace. :)


  1. Oh hahaha, i know where you saw this.
    Yeah, should have just inserted the inspired word.

  2. I agree with the author.

    To hell with those who buy/sell fake goods! I totally loathe these kinda people.

  3. i know it too! the owner is annoying and very snobby. erghh~

  4. to mail me the blogshop? i detest fake goods too!

  5. don't understand, does author mean that somebody is selling a fake bag although claiming it is authentic ah?

  6. i think so, anon may 19, 11.11 pm..

    ya, come to think of it, not that i'm suspicious of sellers who sell authentic branded items..i mean, some of them must be genuine..but yeah, nowadays, even fake bags can look like the genuine one, i have my doubts..

    i just wonder what if we actually pay a hefty amount when actually, sellers only got it in a much cheaper price..kesian la to the buyers rite..

    juz my two cents..don wanna cause war here..huhu~

  7. well in my opinion, something that is "inspired" shouldn't be the exact replica of the branded product. instead it should look something like the branded one but slightly different in design.

    some people misuse the word "inspired" when actually they are just selling the exact replica of the branded product. most sellr use the word "non authentic" though, but still that doesn't make it less fake!

  8. Yes, is just make me feel I shop at Petaling Street!

  9. i stumble upon a blog that used the word "inspired" for her fake goods once...and another blog who sell an "original" pouch that i could not cross reference with the original brand design...(its that supposed to be weird??)

    certain brands are hard to be determined its originality and some that can't even be differentiate..not all have security feature that is easy to be recognized...

    my opinion is always buy from shop or ask people that you really trust (not just know)if they are abroad to help you purchase...

    even if u COD with the seller sometimes its hard to tell whether an item is authentic or not at one much time a buyer can spend inspecting the item with the seller at your ear trying hard (or not) to convince you its original...

    for buyer PLEASE STOP FANTASIZING!!!! there is NO WAY in this world a brand new RM2000 authentic bag gonna be sold for just few hundred..even if they got it in a shady way..there is no way its gonna sell for a dirt cheap price...its like going to pasar malam and buy pirate DVD and the seller claim its original..just that the packaging not nice etc etc....

  10. in buying those branded n authentic bags, i only have one rule. never buy it online. buy it at offline boutique. i just have the instinct that those r sell online*esp less a few hundred even only rm100 or rm200* r.. not really authentic. u know la lately thre r a lotsa scam ppl in online shopping world. so just be careful. spend more if u want to wear those good quality branded bags. otherwise, just buy those non branded. they r also pretty lah.

  11. I remember getting blasted by people who buy fake goods for stating this matter. I even said what the author said in the bracket. Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks the same way. <3

    It was even funnier when they said I'm stupid for buying something so expensive when they can actually get the (fake) bag at a quarter of the real price. Well, excuse me. There's a reason why they call it a luxury item. ;)

  12. inspired is use for stuff that look exactly like the brnded item but without the brand name on it. Those witout the brand name are called replica.

  13. Agree with author's last sentence.

    Why wanna buy fake if can't afford? Just buy a cheaper brand lah. To me, buying fake stuffs is like telling ppl that you got no money to buy the authentic ones.

  14. actually, ppl buying fake or original its not the issue here, its their choice so non of your business but for seller to mislead/lied about the fake good is very evil.

  15. Buying fake or original is depends the buyers budget and their choice. Mostly only shop sell is replicate bags more if want original brand go direct the shop.

  16. I think it's quite worth it to buy authentic designer goods online--it's definitely a few hundred cheaper and sometimes the designs aren't available in Malaysia. :)

    As long as you have a TRUSTED blogshop who sells only original. Then it's probably safe. The blogshop I buy from--the tag of the boutique and price tag is there.

    As with the above sentiments, don't say inspired when it's a replica. =p

  17. The issue is selling or buying counterfeit goods are illegal. Please check Malaysia custom law. Is just same like you go and buy the pirated vcds.

  18. ya! not only bags, watches like DKNY or Guess or stuffs like that.. zomg -_-" it really pissed me off. people tend to misunderstand the word "replica" and "inspired". Inspired is fine, kay, to me (although i won't be buying anyway), but at least they dont have the brand name printed or showed out loud. hehe! replica is definitely a NO-NO!

    anyway, its not like online blogshop selling 100 or 200 off the retail price are fakes :) but should get to know where they come from and stuffs. but definitely, always deal with COD method, and get them authenticated beforehand. :)

    happy shopping! :D

  19. IT IS BOTH WRONG; SELLING AND BUYING FAKES. Please girlsss, "inspired" is more suitable. peace yaw.

  20. yeah i totally agreed with the author.. im craving for each of the designer bags that i look every week in their website and seller that sells AUTHENTIC luxury items.. ooh i love the branded bags so much.. but i know i dont afford it. but i have this kind of mentality that if ure not afford it, DONT GO & BUY FAKE.. so i have my aim and thus work harder to have at least one first. and now i have one that ive been eyeing for so long.. pls laa dont have that mentality love fashion, cant afford, buy fake one.. even the seller also.. dont u feel guilty to sell counterfeit items? people will not make if no people buy.. appreciate and love the beauty of fashion is not by counterfeit them