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What size again?

This post is not to condemn or comment any bad service provided by online blogshop out there. It just for fun. Really!
I happened to stumble upon a blogshop selling various kinds of stuff including sling bags but what make me confused is that when they write this :

Description : PU Leather, 1 zippered compartment, adjustable strap, cotton interior, Magnetic Snap/Flap, colour is more to milky white, tasseled detailing. IMPORTED!!

Size : FREE SIZE (comes with dust bag)

I thought free size is just for clothes only. correct me if i'm wrong. LOL!


  1. muahahahaha. she labeled all her bags 'FREE SIZE'. hahahhaha.

    just Google it if u want to know.

    *Evil grin*

  2.!!! omg!! that's my blog for sure!! ;p i don't mind..i'll just take it in good spirit ;) btw i put it in as "free size" due to the simple understanding that most bags available are of a certain standard size that most people know... but please do note that i did say (email me for further enquiries/photos/measurements) so that i can further elaborate it ;) but anyways.....thanks for the free adverts! hahaha ;p

    ps:it wasnt me who slapped the buyer! LOL, i think some other sellers might have done what i did too n felt otherwise!

  3. lol. nobody ask for slaps. its just for fun. notice more ppl click for [LOL] than [SLAP].

  4. hye,i'm the author.yah,just for fun only.but ur blouses are very u said,free advert to u..peace!

  5. Girls of all sizes can use those bags ;).

    To Anonymous May 10, 2010 11:56 PM, it's great that you can laugh at yourself instead of getting pissy at the author :). I like your attitude.

  6. ur attitude also.keep it up!but then the post is still funny.hoho.

  7. (seller)

    thanks everyone ;) it's always good to have a positive perspective!! :)

  8. go! go seller! i'm just about to google, but, no lah.hehe

    Oh btw, there's also sandals in size S, M, L u know..that's funny. but maybe the supplier gave that size :D

  9. that way, we can estimate what..whether we can wear the hee..just making jokes.. ;p