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Email Ping Pong

I feel really irritated by a buyer. She took 25 emails over a span of 7 days then she finally made payment (how to fill order form, how to make payment, dunno what a cash deposit machine looks like, bla bla). Then took another 16 emails to ask why item has not reached after she made payment coz item does not reach her within 3 days of payment. Pos Malaysia website said it was delivered already. HOO HAA!

Curiosity... for those who stays in apartment or condominium, how does Pos Express boxes reach you? Doorstep? Or locked mailbox? Or with the guards? Curious


  1. I always advise my buyers with apartment/condo/office address to NEVER use post express. 5 out of 10 NEVER reaches the buyer!.

  2. author here...

    but she demanded pos express saying she does not want poslaju coz nobody signs for her as nobody is at home and she does not know how to go to a pos laju center to collect and she came out with many many excuses (thats why 25 emails) so in the end pos express only. Posted on monday but till today no sign. Hope next monday it magically appears in her mailbox. hmph ><

  3. You should have told her that you will not be responsible for any loss or damages if she insists on using pos ekspress

  4. I'm also curious as to how the post man delivers post express parcels to condominiums. And also to schools. I noticed a few of my buyers requested me to send it to their schools using pos express. But all of them received it la. So I'm just curious. Does the post man deliver it to the school office or what?

  5. hmm.. normally school is alright.. but from what i know post express is delivered together via normal mail. sometimes it gets lost as they couldnt fit it into the post box, so they just leave it outside the post box (for apartments)

    only recommended for normal house address!

  6. i live in a condominium. my pos express parcels always arrived at my place safe and sound. i usually opt for that too since i have to go for classes, no one to sign. but ya, for smaller envelopes, they just push it down the locked mailbox. if the RM4.50 one, they fold into half and push it down the mailbox. i don't like when they fold half since i think will damage the goods.

  7. I live in a condo and they send them to my doorstep. And they always ring the doorbell to give it to me personally, they don't just leave the parcel outside.

    One time, I was freaking out because an item hadn't arrived, I tracked it and it said it had been delivered the day before and I thought it had gotten lost. Then I checked the mailbox and it was there. The postman had somehow managed to slip the stiff envelope through the very narrow slot without folding it in half.

  8. i also stay in a condominium and yeap, like what's mentioned by Anonymous May 7, 2010 9:09 PM , they fold the envelope a little bit n push into the locked mail box. I always receive my parcels safely, so far. But most of all, i think owners need to ensure the mail box is locked.

  9. I think for the one who stays in condo or apartment will be better to use pos laju. if there's mailbox to put the parcel, it may ok.. but like my place, the mailbox is jz so small n i dun think the parcel will b able to be put inside so i always prefer pos laju. The postman even call to my phone to send parcels, it's really good =)

  10. I live in an apartment. And trust me, I only choose to use Pos Ekspress only if I think the goods I bought weren't that pricey. Since, yeah, because sometimes I'm afraid too if there's no one to help me sign the parcel when the postman arrives. But either it is came by Pos Laju or Pos Ekspress, I always take note to check/wait for the item a day after the buyer tells me she has posted it. It is safer that way since living in an apartment is wayyy riskier than living in a condo. The parcel is mainly put inside the small (very small) mailbox provided at the groud floor of each block.

    Irresponsible people are everywhere you see. :)

  11. agree with lizlizliz, why so cheapskate by using pos ekspress? alaa no one to sign all that bullshit excuse, hello, can always call poslaju to resend at a time when there is someone around to sign for it ok.

    wanna use pos ekspress then complain seller use big envelope cos more exp, or when seller use small envelope complain seller makan duit by charging extra, then if envelope big, complain lagi postman fold into half or leave outside. one thousand and one complaints but dowan to opt for safer delivery method. this kind of buyer memang dumbass la.

    pastu bila item missing, blame seller la who else? cos seller responsible for everything wat. even for your pea-brained decision to choose the least safest method to receive your purchase. bodoh maksimum.

    and author, i sympathize with u. i too once had to play pingpong emails with a buyer who is also a blogshop owner herself - a****c. for avid online shopper should know who. this bitch sent me 20 over emails and kept changing items, asked for discounts (eventhough clearly stated non-nego), asked for pos ekspress then free postage..etc. best part is in the end she disappeared! heard from a few other blogshops that she does it quite alot. f**kin b*tch!

  12. luckily i have the concierge to keep my parcel, so i won't have to worry that nobody is keeping it! :)

  13. I'm seller and i have alot customer using Pos Ekspress (staying in condo or apartment and seems no issue with it ;)

  14. oohh.. i know that blogshop, she just updated after a long hiatus right?

    There was even an issue with her and a buyer with was quite massive sometime back.

  15. yep, once i ordered a t-shirt and used pos express. It was over the weekend so i asked the seller to send it to my house instead of my office. It was a saturday and she sent it on friday. Then on the whole sat i sat at home and waited for the postman. the whole damn day. and he is not here. until 8pm that night i checked the track and trace, it was stated as 'Delivered'.

    I was like, WTH! Where got!!! Then I went downstairs (live in an apartment) to my mailbox, thought i would find a piece of paper asking me to take it from post office, but I found my pos express box (seller used the rm6 one) sitting nicely in the mail box.(mailbox never locked coz the key lost).

    I thought pos express is the same as pos laju one leh, the postman come up to your door and pass it to you. At least inform people lah! what if some stupid people come steal your stuff (especially those who put on top of the post box when cannot fit in!)

  16. Since you're a seller (Anonymous May 8, 2010 3:37 AM) with great knowledge of what works, the pros and cons to each and every parcel service; do the world a favour by giving advice to them about it. No need la to call people dumbass all that BS.

    You think you so smart..share info la. Then no more dumbass people to play ping pong emails with you right?

    No one is born with the knowledge knowing everything in the world. Each and everyone knows something the other don't.

    Rather than pointing fingers, just do your part and surrender to fate after that. Challenges are meant to make us better people; if the same shit comes around again means you must've missed the lesson somewhere.

    Not everyone are as gracious and smart as you to do business with you, apparently.

  17. Well said, Anonymous May 8, 2010 1:17 PM! I agree with you 100%.

    As for you, Anonymous May 8, 2010 3:37 AM, I think it was very rude of you to call people bodoh and dumbass etc. I'm just astounded by your wiseness. Pfft.

  18. pos express memang dun require recipient's signature, as seller, u shld use pos laju, n not pos express whether the customer staying in condo/apartment or not. if u r buyer, pay more 50cent or rm1 to receive parcel safely without complain.. i'm a seller, i nvr send parcel wit pos express, even there's a customer ask me to use pos express, i said no, so sorry, i dun use pos express, cuz i wanna make sure my parcel is safely reached..