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Must have password is it?

To certain sellers,

Tell me, what's your purpose of doing an online business if permission to enter your blogshop is denied? How the heck can your customer view your items? :X


  1. Eh if you're talking about that Thai shop, its better you dont get to view anything also la... Save yourself the trouble and heartache.

  2. it's probably closed hence permission deniend.

    Cause for me, last time i was away and didnt have time to reply email I block the access to view my blog for a short while. =P

  3. Maybe is under maintenance or construction?

  4. there are few reasons :
    1) the owner is away as Anon above said.
    2) the blog is under construction.maybe for a new layout or the owner wants to clear out the old post n etc.
    3) maybe it is close temporarily/permanent.

  5. That is quite dumb cus u r risking potential buyers cus
    u r blocking them?

    Can always put a note or post that u r away and won't be able to check mail. Don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that duh...

  6. anyway i made a purchase wid her las mth(de thai sh... sent me the wrong item.. emailin her for a mth.. reply heck slow... MIA for a week.. in de end ask me to mail her bak n said she will refund me. I made de smartest choice by keepin de dress =)hu noes she goes MIA after i mail her back de dress.

    N i fren worst still.. paid n have not received her items for nearly a mth waiting d ...

  7. author here. nope it's not the thai fishy blog. heard too much bout that lady already :)

    btw, i've checked out this particular blog a few mins ago, it turned out okay again :)
    i guess the seller likes to make it like that before their updates as they are supposed to be updated a while ago.

  8. is it the blogshop that was scheduled for update at 8pm? i think i dropped a comment at shoppingroll saying that the blogshop wasn't accessible. perhaps a way for them to prevent anyone from 'viewing' it while updating. but i still feel that it's silly.

    as for the 'thai' blogshop, fortunately, i just discovered that i know the owner's relative. already contacted them about this unfortunate event(s). hopefully things will take a better turn soon *fingers cross*

  9. do u mean that blog that sells vintage clothing?

  10. or the one which updates at 8pm, sunday?

  11. author here. mayz is correct, i think we r talking bout the same one. i think that is silly too, haish ^^