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Odour free?

There is this girl who were looking for some clothes.
So stated that she is looking for a jacket which can keep her warm as she will be traveling to some other country.

I have this leather jacket that I am selling.
Since she is interested in a jacket, I sent her few of the pictures.
The pictures are clear and it is obviously you can see whether what type of material it is.

I explained everything to her and answered questions that she asked.

1 of the question that she asked that got me laughing and kinda piss is that..

"Is it SMELLY?"

Oh gosh, how can a seller sell something which is smelly to a buyer right?
I don't know what do you think about this but I really find it funny when someone ask whether is it smelly.
The only smell I can get from the jacket is the leather smell..
That's all.


  1. there are just too many negative feedbacks in online servicing nowadays which make buyers feel obligated to ask such questions.

    thus, i won't be surprise with such questions.

  2. is the buyer from LYN? lols.

  3. I think that what she meant by "smelly" is whether the leather smell of the jacket will be too strong and nothing offensive. I bought a leather jacket once and the leather smell of it is so strong that it gives me headache. No kidding. Maybe some people can't stand those leather smell?

  4. yea..i think there's nothing wrong with the buyer asking such question..

  5. thats right. or maybe u shud ask her is the smell that she meant is from the jacket or body. neway,nice story ;)

  6. I bought a bag before and the smell of the artificial leather is really kinda strong. Quite a turn off really. LoL