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Tell me where is it written.

Dear "The ones emailing me updates & blogshop announcements",

Since when have I declared myself to be a REVIEW site?

Why do you all keep emailing me updates and promos?

Why do you keep asking me to review your blogshop?

Where do you see reviews in this site?

Care to tell me?


PS : 3 blogshops have now abused the un-CCed email addresses to blast mails for their own blogshop benefits. If you have received this mail and DO NOT appreciate your email being abused, tell them to stop.
To the ones abusing those email addresses that were exposed earlier, dont you all have better marketing tactics than to blast unwanted emails using someone else's database?


  1. omg, i received an email saying the same! i'm a seller, FGS! don't they at least check out the blog before they sent an email?

  2. I notice some of the sellers especially using gmail send out emails witout checking the email add or blogs. Some of them have thousands of emails add so i guess the just click all contacts and send. To go through each one maybe tedious for them.