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Not this kind of combine shipping

I'm a seller and I use an order form service for my customers to place their orders.

The order form has a tick box for Postage including Pos Laju and Pos Ekspress along with a box for addresses to be filled in.

There's also a Tick box for COD choices if the customer opts for COD.

What I don't get is, some, no, actually ALOT of customers tick both POSTAGE and COD. They put their addresses in, pick either pos laju or pos ekspress and tick for COD too.

???? You're confusing me =S

P/S : I realise most of them tick the COD choice with the free FEE :D


  1. do u hv note/or quiry section in ur form?
    do u stated that which place u prefer cod?

    mayb the customer confused/or just want to ask which one is better 1st who knows mayb ure in their neighborhood..

    p/s : i used to did tat (but only when the seller does not stated where's the place for cod)

  2. wth...if you want the user choose only one option, use radio buttons, not check boxes...some buyers might thought they can choose more than using radio buttons, you can ensure that only one option is selected...