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Why are you stalking me?

I'm a normal gal running an online new+preloved blogshop.

Everything's going on good until a gal (Anonymous) started stalking me in LYN and my blogs.
Biatching around SG and blogs that i sold defected items and etc.

I mean we could settle in a good way if she provides me with her true identity and evidence that i sold her default items instead of calling me a cheater and liar. The main problem is that she admitted that she's been stalking me around which I believe I know her name in person.

I really feel annoyed by her childish, immature and uncivilized atittude.
Wonder wat kinda prob she has? I mean..can't she jus get a life?!


  1. i think i know u.. people are boycotting a seller starting with B at famous reviewers.. im ly member also and saw people even mentioned the bad service and defected item which the seller said it is in good condition. people dont say if u service well.. its not stalking, that person is preventing other person from being cheat

  2. Lol..pls provide me with evidence as everything can be settled in an amicable way instead of acting childish.
    Thx for ur kind understanding.
    And btw, I have good comments in LYN and in my blog.For those who knows how to browse around,please see it.

  3. quite annoying to read something that the author thinks readers could understand

    what is LYN? layan?
    what is SG? singapore?

  4. yeah, i also hear bout dis B seller.
    i think u're d one who should look around n clear up ur issue with ur previous buyer.

    one customer is enough to destroy your reputation.

  5. Totally!

    she wont suddenly start up something if you didnt commit it.

  6. I would definitely clear disputes with the so-called buyer if she chooses to reveal her identity instead of being anonymous all the time being rude to me..

  7. i think LYN is low yat forum? SG is shopping gazebo (online reselling shop)?
    to author, if u so confident of ur shop, mind to reveal who u r? i mean which blogshop?

  8. Ah ah ah... no free publicity in here

  9. Lol at the SMYDU comment. :D Can totally imagine her saying that 'ah ah ah' part. Haha! Ok sorry.

    Well, even before this, I have already heard about your bad service selling some sort of hard disc on LYN, then after that the purchaser actually say that she sold faulty stuff. And then bombarded her c-box with all the bad comment. Since then, she deleted her chatbox.

    I actually got to know this seller through all that bad publicity.

    BUT, I once did a deal with her, though I do admit you are actually a lil, quick and bossy, but other than that, everything was fine. ;)

    I think this case should be closed. She deserve a rest, and I'm sure she's not the only one selling defected things (if she really did) and this is a risk all internet buyers have to take.

    So if you guys do not want to take this risk, you can opt to purchase it from the mall, or try looking out for signs before purchasing.

    Don't slap me, I'm not standing on anyone's side, just my personal opinion.

  10. i heard about this B seller sold defected items to a few customers.. even her blogshop is a bit fishy..

  11. selling faulty stuff to people ah, no wonder she got bombarded la. She so deserve it.

    Telling seller to take risk if they buy faulty goods is like, you wear a gold necklace and then getting robbed. Ok I agree this is a risk but is this the wearer's fault? Don't tell me you want to stand on the robber's side?