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I blacklist you back!

Do you think sellers who have BAD reputations should be exposed? As a buyer, i really think this is important for us(buyers) to be aware of not becoming the next victim of scams, bad customer service and other horror experiences with sellers, which have been shared with us here in SMWDY. If sellers can expose their blacklisted customers, why can't we(as buyers), do the same too?

I would be grateful if there is a place for buyers to complain regarding these problems and their names are being exposed to public. i don't mean to humiliate them but at least, buyers can be more aware of choosing the right seller and sellers would be much more careful on their actions.

I have experienced a really suck service from this blogshop

*she wanted an early payment but the delivery was made a week after, only after i've texted n mailed her several times asking about my item
*didn't inform me when she have mailed out my item
*and even worst, i got the wrong item! T__T

And there is a warning stated on her blog:

"Blacklist Area. Dont make any order if u can't pay."

Then mine would be:
"To blacklisted sellers- don't wish to make any profit if you can't deal with customers" :(


  1. i just seem to know which blogshop it is.i bought a shoes from her but until now didnt get the shoes.i emailed her asking when will she post out the item,but she keeps on saying next week and next week and next week.duh.slap seller!

  2. HAHA i know which blogshop is this too! :D

  3. LOL i also recognize that phrase and i believe the website is the same website i recognize it from..

  4. The wonders of google and now I know which blogshop it is ;p

    The blogshop is the one i intended to pre-order VS sandals but now i gotta think twice about it. thanks for warning!

  5. hhaha LOL, this clue is damn easy. Copy the whole phrase and there will only be one blogshop with that phrase :)

  6. oh my god!



    Price : RM53 include postage??

    u can get the same flip flop at times square at rm20 LOL! and what's the point u stated original there hurm...

    **ALL RM10 / 3 FOR RM25** ??

    wow again! double price for the original seller

    tryin to be rich in the fastest way huh?

    think twice if u want to buy the items from this blog la ppl..

  7. i know who i know who!
    ask her fly kite lerrr...tiuu

    heard complaints bout her too..

  8. o_O this seller has been slapped here before. I cant remember which post.
    2 whammies already!!! OFF WITH HER HEAD!

  9. LOL. I think she's the seller from the post "Dumb and Dumber. She's got really bad reputation. She cheats like mad.

  10. i messed up at her chatbox before trying to reveal to other customers what she's doing and she deleted her chatbox, LOL. hahaha.

    seriously, she got stocks for the cardigans for up to 50 pieces each colour and in hand? WOWWWWW HUGEEE BUSSINESS hahahahaha

    slap this seller hard la wey until she can't breathe =.= so pissed at her weyy

  11. I'm not siding the really terrible blogshop owners. Right now, I don't think any blogshops though they have mentioned time and time again that they have blacklisted buyers already, but they have not revealed publicly who are those blacklisted buyers. If a site to publish those blacklisted sellers were to be made, then blacklisted buyers name and details should be published as well. it's only fair that way isn't it? after all, a coin has two sides. think about it.

  12. omg, someone posted somewhere the link of her myspace. apparently she sells her stuff there too. and has never posted out any items. i dont know if she's cheating or what, but lots of people complain about her.

  13. there is a blogshop who reveals back out buyers including full name and email u know.

  14. there are actually blogshops that revealed blacklisted buyers' name and details publicly. don't u guys ever seen them?

  15. i should have been more careful in the 1st place~wuwuuu T__T

  16. I want to see the myspace link! Can give me?

  17. mm, its at the thrift book's general chat cbox.

  18. hmm.. i know i've seen some sellers blacklist buyers name, thats a norm, there was 1 that even wrote their full name, email, contact and address! too much dont you think?!

  19. im in love with google search, worked too many wonders. haha, silly me. anyway, before this particular seller deleted her chatbox, i managed to read some of her and her customers messages. man, that is one hell of fight. i felt sorry for those who have encountered problems with her. thank god i didnt purchase anything from her.

    p.s: it really irritates me when sellers spam their own chatbox just to notify customers bout their updates. dont you think so? what, you think customers too blind to read your post, is it?

  20. my my, why she steal other blogshop's picture to be used as her own one??

  21. People,i know which shop thanks to anonymous MARCH 22, 2010 3:31 PM and google of course!!

    haha, and those cardi she's selling .... you think its real buyers or maybe she makes up haha. She probably has only like 5 pieces on hand and the rest of the customers there are imaginary friends lol.

    Anyway, i've seen her commenting in SMWDY before once using her blog's email (and another joke there, she commented as Anonymous and wrote sthing like (in reply to the writer's post) WTF! please also email me this blogshop's name, thanks! and then provided her BLOG SHOP'S GMAIL add, how smart is that????? and then in a more recent post she finally change to her personal mail probably because she read the Dumb & Dumber post after that lol.

    And i also had the courtesy of stumbling upon her used-to-be-there chatbox and read all the fiery comments exchange between her unhappy customers and her. I personally think it's not wise to "fire back" your customers in BOLD letters and of all places in your own chatbox. It just shows how unethical and unprofessional a seller you are. I believe she's also reading this as i comment, but hey! that's what SMWDY is for rite?

    Wake up girl if you still wanna be in business cause at the rate your blog is making its mark, you won't be here for long!

  22. i didnt read her cbox. what happened?

  23. A very unhappy reader says:
    I am one of the unlucky buyers who stumble upon this seller from a reviewer's advertisement roll and purchased from her. Have not heard of her previously.
    While all your comments seems to be rebuking the seller, in my opinion, reviewer's should be accounted for also.
    I've seen this seller advertising in some reviewers site, and as you know advertising creates awareness for the blog. I'm sure reviewers are buyers also what, come on lar, if you know that this blog is so bad and such a cheater, i seriously think you shouldn't help her promote her blog or layan her advertising request even if it is paid for! So desperate to earn meh? There are hundreds of money worthy blogs on waiting list i'm sure, why wanna earn money from such people and open up more opportunities for her?
    Shouldn't support them! You can play a part to help everyone here.

  24. New kid on the block here. I've only started shopping online for the last 2 months and i have to agree with the last commenter, the unhappy reader.

    No offense fellow reviewers but really, everyday there are more and more people being introduce to online shopping. And everybody knows there are like hundred of blogs out there, so we really look to your site to see what and where to shop as a guide.

    As reviewer's, your responsibility is not only to share what's new and what's cool, but also to best possible help us enjoy our shopping experience. You are the eyes and ears for us as you know who has the latest updates, which are the cool site, who are the friendly sellers and which are the ones with a bad repo. By all means, its not as mere as just highlighting who has updated today.

    We would appreciate if you can filter your adverts/highlights to those worthy sellers as one look at their blog we couldn't tell of anything fishy about them. That much you can do to help make online shopping much more enjoyable and peace of mind for us. Imagine if a new shopper like me happen to make a purchase from an unethical seller, it would have probably scare us away from further online shopping. I know it is also our own initiative to check things out before buying but really some of us are just as clueless when we are new so we hope you can help us out here. Thank You sincerely.

  25. hello. i am the one who posted her myspace and blog links at thrift book chatbox. i posted it to warn other people not to buy from this bitch.i am one of her thousand victims in this online shopping world. she's not only a cheater, but also a stupid dumb ass picture stealer. if u guys want to know more about this liar, u can just send an email to me. i know most of her victims in myspace, and they are now boycotting her and blacklisting her from being their friends. unfortunately, there are still buyers who did not believe all the stories from the victims and still buying and ordering from her. i have lots of evidences to show that this girl is a liar and a picture stealer and in fact, a stupid bangang too. i am aware that she read this blog, and i just don't care. i have rights as a buyer and this kind of online seller is no longer needed by us. Slap the seller!!!

  26. You guys should seriously lodge a police report against her for fraud!

  27. Hi for refund. Do i need to send back the item tat the buyer posted me? cuz she posted the wrong item.

  28. to anon MARCH 26, 2010 11:38 PM

    if the seller's going to pay for the postage, then you should send it back. after all, it's the seller's fault so she should bear the postage rates :)

  29. for refund, you'll still have to discuss with the seller whether is she willing to accept the return and refund. As most of the blogshop policy is non returnable / refundable / exchangable.

  30. OMG! I think I have encountered with the same seller here. I never knew about this until now. I have ordered an item from her and made full payment since last Saturday and till now I have not received the item. This is the first time I deal with such an irresponsible seller. I keep sending her messages to ask her to mail me the item but she keeps postpone and postpone. Help...

  31. to sheesh: the prob now is, the seller doesn't want to bear the postage cost!
    *i'm the other victim, not anon march26

  32. same goes with me.omg!she gave so many excuses!
    if she read this,i hope she will change.or else,something bad will happen to her.

  33. holy shit!
    she has fb and a freaking blog of her own.
    with pictures of her!

    go to thrift book chatbox and read up the comments. u'll find the clue there under malay nameSSSSSS :P

  34. just a sugestion. Someone who had received item from her must have her address right? Lodge a police report. Seriously, no matter if its only RM10. If you guys round up names of customers cheated by her than must worth lot already. Good luck

  35. Oke,
    Here i am.
    For the mimie, i'm already refunded your money ryte ?
    ALso your friend, did u already asked her ?
    I/m already refunded her too.

    **For anon above, please emailed me again for your pending item.

    **For shessh, yes, i would bear for the postage :)

    **For the anon, i'm also would refunded the money. Like the anon above said, most of the blogshop did not those things but i'm willing to make a refunded if that is my fault.

    I didnt noe what did that gurl want from me, as she want, the "refunded" i'm already refund her.
    Maybe she keep "bengang" because i'm still have the buyer.

    I would never keep the item pending except there is some prob happen on that item.

    Please dont u ever judge me if u didnt noe what are exactly happen now.
    If i'm a cheater, i would closed my account and use another account to cheat people but i wont do that.

    So for others that have a problem with me, kindly do emailed me.


  36. aaah. Im sorry but her english just cracks me up.

  37. LOL. Please correct your grammar, seller. U're confusing me.

    Somebody sounded scared......

  38. Go and brush up your English first. Next thing you should do is to close your account, we as the online buyers do not want to buy your items anymore. Sudah la tu menipu orang, everybody knows about your bullshit la sekarang.

  39. "For THE mimie"......
    Hahahahahah very lucu la this girl. Anyway, duit i memang dah dapat, but once i know you are a cheater, I memang akan sebarkan benda ni kat semua orang. Bukan i seorang je mangsa you tapi ramai kan? Diorang beli barang bukan nak refund tapi nak barang la. Yang you pergi tipu orang then kena refund balik, tak rasa susah ke? Nak manage online shop pun tak pandai. Haisshhhh. She is so whatever.

  40. Writer of the Dumb and Dumber postMarch 27, 2010 at 2:19 PM

    OMG. I didn't know there is another buyer who posted about this stupid dumbass seller here.

    I was one of the many who made a fuss in her chatbox and many did email-ed me to ask. Even after explaining to them my situation thoroughly, some still went ahead and bought from her. Then e-mailed me again telling me they were cheated - she doesn't refund, items not sent out etc etc.

    Best part is that, when you asked her whether she refunded your money ady or not? She will say YES. But when you go all the way to the bank and checked the money is NOT in there. When you asked her abt it, she will say "oh it takes 2-3 days to transfer into your acc cos using Maybank2u to transfer into yr CIMB!" WHAT RUBBISH IS THAT? Then the following day, she used CIMB Clicked to transfer the money. Bloody liar! Didn't bank in just say didn't bank in la, bodoh!

    Ppl please stay away from this blogshop, seriously. She bullshits hell lot in her blogshop and even marks up her prices damn blardy high.

  41. To the unhappy reader and new kid on the block, as a new reviewer we do try and review sites that we've bought items from. But of course despite being shopaholics there are many shops that we have not shop from and we'll review them as well. but you know what, i think the both of you have a great point. we'll definitely try and give more feedback on sellers we've bought from. :)

  42. email me the seller blog!!
    wanted to know it badly... ehehe..

  43. Hey. i jz googled her and did pay a 'visit' to her blog and noe wat i saw ???!!! she is selling rubi shoes for RM 40 a pair(RM40 PER PAIR (PRICE INCREASE BECAUSE I NEED TO PAY THE TAX 30%)as stated in her site.WTF, as far as i noe cotton on outlets sold those for abt RM 60 2pairs =rm 30 a pair. Assuming she bought frm Cotton On and make profits of her own,rm 10 extra for a pair..10 pairs make a she must be rich.hahhaha..if wanna gain profit dun telan so much lah aiyo, may b RM 3 is ok but rm10 p/pair way toooo i guess no such things as wat f*kin TAX like wat she stated .jz to feed her own greed, perhaps.


  45. haha. crazy. selling tanks for RM10 whereby i can get it from Tanks for 5 for only RM5.
    Selling Rubi shoes for RM45 whereby i can get it for RM30 from Cotton bull shit.

  46. my sale hunter here:

    can somebody please send me the blogshop's name as I get quite a bunch of request's to review Roxy shoes. =/ I am worry that my readers also kena tipu. Thanks!

    mail me at:

  47. CIO, i already posted warnings about her on some review blogs

  48. goodnesss gracious!! the chocolates she's selling is super overpriced!!!
    i bought these exact chocolates from hatyai,thailand for 10 bahts=RM1 per piece!!

  49. wow she removed the blacklist warning from her blog too! but it's useless we could still loctate her blog haha.

    just google : "Blacklist Area. Dont make any order if u can't pay." and you will find her blog :)


  51. Omg. i google 'blacklist area. dont make any order if you cant pay' and tadaaaaaa. there she is.

    and my goodness. check on vintage. is that her? nice smile dude. and please check ur spelling.

    SHOPAHOLIC spell with double P? wtf.

  52. i'm still waiting for my refund too!!!!!damn!

  53. ackk!!!!!! shit!!!
    i have her blogshop linked to mine!! damn!! Her blogshop seems so serious, n looks like nothing's wrong!!

    and all these while that i'm reading SMWDY, i even have tempted to buy from her!!! shit!

  54. LOL!! the traffic to her site must've increased drastically!!!

  55. I realised from her feedjit, 90% comes from googling her 'blacklisted area' phrase. Kena this time. Haha. I was tempted to know who would be buying her rubi shoes when Cotton On is selling for like RM30 each for 2 pairs. You can choose and try on the spot some more!

  56. hi annabelle,

    wanna know who's goin to buy rubi shoes from her? ME. yeap, a naive young girl who never know rubi shoes are available at Cotton On. T_T

  57. email me the seller blogshop to
    wanna know too b4 'ter' purchase from that blogshop!! tq..

  58. me too! i bought rubi shoes from her but never get it and its almost a month i decided to ask for refund but again, still no news on that.damn la this girl!is it too much to do online transaction?she always update her blogshop,but still got no time to do the transaction.pffft!!!!

  59. to other victims: what do u think we should do to this bitch?


  61. Email all reviewers and ask them to remove her from their blogroll.

    And I think reviewers should ask review her blogshop link. I mean, this is really getting out of hand!


  63. akta perundangan penipuan internet - if that ever exists, this report should be in this section, lol


    stupid seller steals other people's picture and put watermark as if its hers. i know la you're so UGLY and LAZY to take pictures but the pictures you steal, its copyright and its wrong for you to simply steal the pictures and claim it as yours. at least put credits to blabla blogshop la. but no you don't have to. because what you really have to do now :


    to the customers who had bought from her before, KEEP HER ACCOUNT NUMBER, so in case if she opens a new blogshop soon you'll be aware that she's the seller and you have the right reason to back out.

    may she lives a horrible life. you totally deserve it, liar.

    p/s : i never bought from her before but she steals my pictures so i'm pissed as hell. reading all this, made me pissed even more! reviewers who actually bought from her before, probably she treats u nicely because u use your reviewer email. try using your personal email and see what shit will this bitch give you.

  64. there IS a place to complain u know, after all i got all her details to lodge a report

  65. please,anyone who know what to do with all her frauds n so forth,just proceed.cos i dont know what to do T___T


  66. hi , can u please email me her shop ?
    I think I bought something from her last time.......

  67. To all:
    The blogshop owner coincidentally e-mailed me on an unrelated matter, and in my reply to her I mentioned about the whole furor about her blogshop and that it'd be good if she could clear up the air. Will let you know if she replies me with an explanation. :)

    Love, Xash.
    Diary Addictions.

  68. Hello, again i was here,
    Just wanna make it clear on some matters :

    1) On refunds:
    - Oke, there are 2 people that i would make a refund on her. So, do check your email because i would make a copy on the transaction.

    2) On late refunds:
    - I'm so sorry for making a late refund on you because I've got so many things to do and it makes me forgot about it. After this, i would make a noticed on it.

    3) On pricing (of Rubi Shoes):
    - The pricing of the Rubies is my own prerogative and if buyers are not happy with the price then just don't buy it.

    4) For the roxy platforms:
    - Oke. About the Roxy Wedges, from the price buyer should noe that the item is NON-AUTHENTIC. But, the other items like flip which is RM53 in AUTHENTIC ! The pattern in same like in boutique.

    5) Last, FYI, i'm ALREADY clarified with some of the people who are talking nonsense about me and my blogshop. BThis is a breach of trust because they have not given the full picture; they only gave their side of the story.(eg, they didnt tell that i'm already refund and posted a trus item, beside that, she didnt tell that she already backout their order so that i need to hold their item. But i'm can be tolerate about it.)


  70. Hi all, im one of the online seller and would like to inform ANY OF THE BLOG SELLERS there (you know who you are),PLS STOP COPYING MY PHOTOS!!! i'm so dissapointed with your attitude and pls know to RESPECT people's effort.

    i have found 2 cases within this month and i was so politely send an email to "her" with explaination but end up she quietly remove the photo WITHOUT any email reply saying sorry or whatever...

    i really hope that "they" are reading this comment here and feel guilty with what they hv done.. IF YOU WANT TO USE MY PHOTOS PLS ASK FOR PERMISSION!! Anyway, thanks for the online buyer who provide information about this issue.
    Thank you :)

  71. uh huh.u have so many customers to make refund on.just spend ur this whole day to transfer out money back.dont give lame excuses anymore!

  72. Dear Seller, after all the hoo hah about your blog and your attitude so far, i seriously doubt you'd be able to gain people's trust again even after you've cleared up all this mess with debts and pending refunds (assuming you are really gonna do it)
    To reviewers, at last, one reviewer finally speaks her silence! Thanks Xash for owning up to what a reviewer's role should be (referring to anyon unhappy reader and NKOTB)Salutes!! To others who have been keeping silent, should lay off her advertising offers.

  73. OMG she shut down her blog!!!

  74. which blog?i check already,her blogshop is still there.hoho.she surely has some guts u know.

  75. [to passerby] thanks for her support (: when i contacted her, she did seem quite upset about the issue--after advising her a lil' however, it still seems like her apology either got lost in translation or she is still maintaining her defensive stance. Lol. Either way, i do agree that it is highly unlikely that she'll regain business because of this. And yes, i do think that this is a lesson to be learnt for review sites--we should be responsible platforms and as such, shouldn't condone fraud. However, on our side, it's quite hard to distinguish actual serious fraud vs. the odd one or two cases as highlighted by a very small number of angry consumers. In this case however, considering how it has evolved and how many buyers were actually involved in this--it looks quite clear cut. And in relation to that, i do recommend you to check out this new platform: currently not very active yet. But with lots and lots of support by all of us, I'm sure that we will all benefit from it. :))

  76. thanks Xash for the reco, i'll forward this site to some of my favorite blogshops.

  77. 2) On late refunds:
    - I'm so sorry for making a late refund on you because I've got so many things to do and it makes me forgot about it. After this, i would make a noticed on it.

    WHAT RUBBISH IS THAT!? You've got time to update your blog but no time to refund. Stupid b!tch

  78. I know who she is. she even inquire clothes from other blogshop and asked for bargain? she inquired alot, and asked for reservation, at the end m.i.a...after a week, reply and say I want this ONE ITEM ONLY. Like WTH?

    then I sold the items that she inquired, cuz it has been loooong time already, she scolded me. said that why all my items sold.

    I ignore her since then.

  79. She ask me to reserve some items for her too.. and 1 week already passed but no updates :(

  80. hi there,
    please let me know which blog this is at :)

  81. i know how tick "Slap Buyer"
    only 1 person there! TGW owner.haha!

  82. yea.i can find the shop!

  83. oh my..i just read this post! how dare she commented on this post here!and damn: kakak or adik yg own blogshop teruk tuu..kalau awak x reti berbahasa inggeris, pakai je la bahasa melayu!aku rase nak sepak je baca komen kau dalam bahasa inggeris!teruk! and yea! u own a f*cking shitty blogshop!

  84. im from anon above.bitch, i once bought one rubi shoe from u!and ive paid full amount asap!as i can consider myself as a good buyer but unfortunately being cheated by u was a horrible nightmare ever!lucky i contacted dumb and dumber's writer soon after that, and read her comments and others's..and yea i do got my money back..but itu pon after i tunggu lama nak MAMPOS for the shoes!!singapore la aussie la.gelabah la ko ni.kau crashed up new online shopper's hope to buy great stuff, even willing to spend more! so stupid la u.
    and for the rest of u commenter..i didnt get my shoe pon as i waited for it for more than 3 WEEKS! but did receive my money back after few fights and legal words!

  85. she actually owns several accounts of blogspot and website to sell her things, is it every time she face problems with the customers she open a new account? just my assumption.

  86. anyone who has been this bitch's victim, if u still haven't got your money back, do complain at
    make sure u still keep the payment receipt as an evidence to place charge against her

  87. I couldnt search the blog from the web! Could somebody email me the blogspot pls, would reli reli like to avoid her. Thanx.

    My email,

  88. Dear Author, mind telling me which blogshop is that?

    Pls email me at miss(dot)youngandlovely(at)

    Btw, is she still doing sales?

    Thank you =)

  89. i cant find itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. :(
    googled so many times.
    did she delete it?

  90. Anon 20 July,

    Who is that? Can u pls send me the seller mentioned in this post? Pls email me at miss(dot)youngandlovely(at)


  91. which blog is it? sent me an email at

  92. i am very curious too. cant seem to find her. SMWDY, if you have her blog url mayb you could email us about it??

  93. hulo... im just a passerby.. and am a online shopper to and also face some problems with the seller
    mebe you guys can make a report to the consumer tribunal and they can help to solve out the problems. the matter will be sent to court or settle outside court between seller and buyer.