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No banks nearby

I don't know why, don't you think it is kinda annoying when we emailed seller and told them we wanted XXX dress,

And she replied: "just to be fair to others, you are not allowed to reserve XXX, item based on first PAY first serve basis, please make ur payment asap to secure your item"

Ok, since I don't live near to any bank, I told her I am not interested anymore.....

*don't you at least give us half day or a day to make payment? lol


  1. "just to be fair to others, you are not allowed to reserve XXX, item based on first PAY first serve basis, please make ur payment asap to secure your item"

    what happens if more than one buyers paid at the same time? STUPID SELLER!

  2. solution to your problem? get maybank2u. nuffsaid.

  3. What anonymous #1 said happened to me. Seller only has public bank or rhb or something (not the usual maybank/cimb). I dont have the same account and was told to pay asap to secure item. I went to the nearest bank to deposit the money, emailed the seller and she told me that another buyer had paid her earlier.

    I told her to transfer the money back to me since i wasnt interested in anything else. Worst part was she didnt want to refund to my account because IBG charges a fee to transfer to different bank accounts. So i had to wait for two days to find someone who had the same account (since none of my friends and family have it) so that i can borrow hers for the seller to transfer the money.

    So to anonymous #2, just so u know maybank2u doesnt solve aeverything.

  4. what if seller dont use maybank? stupid la 2nd anonymous, maybank2u is not the only sollution. nuffsaid konon.

  5. yeah it takes up to 3 working days to process the transaction if the funds transferred are from a different bank, i.e. cimb to maybank.

    on top of that, an amount of fee will also be charged. so maybank2u, not a solution after all. not everyone has the same bank account.

  6. @3rd anonymous
    i think i know who, same thing happened. when i asked to transfer my money via IBG back she first said dont want cos "pity u have to wait 3 days before getting u're money back". when i said i dont mind then only she said she dont want to because of the fee. so annoyed. she can rush us but she wants everything easy for her.

    no point having maybank2u if some sellers dont have it la 2nd anonymous.

  7. yaya, not every seller using maybank2u.

    no point for us to register a new bank account just to buy a piece of clothes right?

    Don't have that much money, no point to open so many accounts. hahaha

  8. urgh! this seller in Anon#3 is so inconsiderate.
    why dont you guys tell her to go to the bank to refund la, like u did in the first place.
    baru fair! mesti the seller bontot berat and pemalas! hmmph!!

    oops, sorry, out of topic already. hehehe

    okay, for this topic, i think you should have at least one online banking, be it maybank2u, cimbclicks, bankislambiz, or anything. of course there will be charge for interbank transfers, but you wouldnt mind to spend an extra RM2 or something if you really want the item, right?

    just my 2cents (-_-)

  9. hm...but if let say using online IBG transfer, payment won't be receive by the seller until 5pm or next day (depends on what time you transfer), even after you had inform the seller, is the seller going to reserve it for u til the payment is in?

    and when u inform the seller, seller might think that you lie as the money has not been transfer to their bank yet, as i believe they wanted the money to be in their bank IMMEDIATELY.

    If they wanted u to bank in asap, and while waiting for the bank to transfer to the seller, I think they'll still sell it to others if other customer use cash deposit - which can immediately transfer the money into her acct.

    If they can't reserve for you, i don't think they'll wait for few hours or 24 hours just to wait for your money to be banked in into their account.

  10. I am author of this post

    well, bank is not an issue for me as I have car.I can drive 15mins to go to bank if the seller can reserve for me at least 12hours or 24hours..

    just I don't like when seller asked us to bank in ASAP(which means in few mins!!)to secure the item, sounds like an ORDER to us, I buy from you, can't you write politely? lol
    somemore I not sure is anyone bank in earlier than me when I am on my way to deposit the money, and later she needs to refund to me, so troublesome, better don't buy lol

    *I think she must learn the way to communicate with her customers.

  11. haha again the issue of having online banking.

    i think that it is easier if sellers allow the FIRST person who makes a reservation at least 24 hours to bank in, failing which, second person who ordered has the right to the clothes. sounds fair?

    having the t&c first person who banks in money gets the item is troublesome and the way i see it, MANY sellers whom i've dealt with are great at expecting money, not so at refunding when there has been an overcharge or non availability of item.

  12. Those sellers should be slapped really hard..
    i've encountered those that pushed for payment with the ASAP emphasized, but then they themselves delay in posting the items. The worst is when they had forgot to attach the balance in the parcel and did not even attach to be sent together in the parcel. I know RM1.50 or RM2 might be a small amount but its ur ethics that count.