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Odd Body size

A few days ago a customer emailed me:

C: Dress A fits me? I'm 5f 3", waist 27" and I have a big arse.

I have stated that it suits UK4-UK8
Being polite I asked her for her butt measurements since she said big so I can measure and give her the dress's measurements as well.

S : Its xxx" and it should be able to suit you.
B : My hips 37". What length is the dress on me? Above or below knee? How big is the neckline and the measurements please. I'm small.
S: (Hmm I was thinking waist 27" hips 37" i small..OK la nvm) It would be xx inches from my knee. I think it would be slightly longer on you coz I'm just a few cm taller than you. The neckline is XXX inches by XXX inches. Not too low cut so won't reveal ur cleavage

B : Is dress B same measurement? The sleeves of A & B same length? Isit the same cutting?

In the end I measured both the dresses and gave her all the measurements. From Neckline to Sleeves length to the normal but hips, waist.

Her reply was : Sorry cannot buy your dress, its too loose for me. My bust is 30"

I looked at the email and I was dumbfounded, unsure to laugh or get mad. After like 10 exchange of emails asking me to measure parts by parts in every different email. I saw bust 30". OK la maybe I'm mean but bust 30"? I don't know should I believe it or not because I know the smallest La Senza bra size is 32 inches. 30"? I find it hard to believe la...ok she may be 12 years old. But that combination of body measurements...doesn't it sound weird to you? Either she i lying or its a shandong pear.

Slap me if you wan but I really find this hilarious


  1. The body shape is weird. But they do have 30" for bras (Wacoal, Triumph, Valisere and etc)

  2. FYI, La Senza does have 30, ok... So judgemental...

  3. I'm 30-26-36

    I wear UK10 to fit my child bearing hips and wear the thickest padded 'pelampung' bra to compensate my rack that never grew.

    hahahah! Got la people with flat chest like me

  4. yea..i'm 30-25-36. There's a reason of why padded bras are invented ok..

  5. Why so worked out la? I think author meant to share something she hilarious or odd

  6. wey, there is size 30 la weyy..but when u said "shandong pear", that hilarious!!

    hahaha..sorry, no heart feelings =D

  7. She thinks its hilarious which pretty much insults people with body measurements like that.

    I'm a 31-26-36. it's not an odd body measurement. quite normal for some of us to be flat chested and big hipped.

  8. When there is something u don't even know, it just doesnt mean its not exist.
    Don't make fun of people's measurement la
    It sound weird but people like us skinny type do have 30" busts la

  9. well said, anon #6!

  10. very hard not to laugh la..i thought 34-27-36 is more of a UK10 M size girl? normally with such measurements and size it's hard not to have "at least" a wider width of the longetivity below ur bust. So normally 34-26-36 is the (average) size for it cuz altho the bust can be small, but if you're measuring around the rip cage that goes around beneath your bust, normally 34" bras are considered okay. 32" is considered tight.

  11. My body measurements are 30-25-36 except that my bra size is a 30E but I wear a 32DD to compensate for my non-existing bra. LOL!

    It's not odd....just rare in nature.