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Unwelcomed goodwill

I have this customer email me as below:-

Hey I'm interested with item xx, I know this is old item, has been long time in your store, I will take it from you at RM25 with postage. Help you to clear stock.

This item original price is RM48, I'm doing discount for RM35, and she ask for RM25 with postage.

Hey I know is old stock but who said you can demand so low price? I should thank you for helping me to clear stock??


  1. Beware of these people, I got an email somewhat similar claiming she just came back from aussie and would help me clear stock. Placed orders on my sales item and demanded for 50% discount. MIA once i said no.

  2. This is really super too much. Asking for the best price if it's old stock is okay, as an enquiry. Stating that this is the price you want to pay cause it's old stock and you're helping to clear out old stock is too much!!

    Slap buyer!

  3. oh my gosh i think i had the same customer also! damn annoying when they say "since it's on clearance you can give even cheaper so i can help you clear stock"

    HATE. I can kick her ass along with slapping her face wei.

  4. This ain't a charity. This is a business. If you can't afford it, don't order! What an insult!