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Like so stressed...

I'm a seller and I don't mind replying emails to reply enquiries but please la buyers,
don't use so many question marks when sending us emails,
it kinda sounds rude when you do....
I have one buyer who loves typing MULTIPLE ????????????s
after every question,
whenever my eyes scan them my mind goes @.@
Of course I do not ask her not to type that many but to other buyers out there, if you could help ease the eye strain, please minimise your ????????????s ok?
maximum 2 is enough, no need for so many ;]


  1. what if i type :

    "i really loooooooooooooooooooooove..."

    with many oooooooooo's since i really really loooooooooooooove the item and i wanna express it to the seller, showing that i'm really satisfied and happy with the item. is it annoying? LOL!

  2. mengada-ada betul la the writer of this post. such a small thing aso wanna complain.

  3. it is rude lah. it looks like someone is shouting or angry. like multiple !!!! also is rude. and she's not mengada, this place is to voice out what people feel. so thats the issue she has, biar lah she wanna complain or not.

  4. ya lah..this is the place to mengada-ngada, so wut???????? jom mengada-ngada!!!!!!!!!

    ok sorryy, kinda in a "mengada" mood

    p/s- sorry SMWDY, saje je nak memeriahkan suasana =P love SMWDY!!!!!!!!!! (oops, multiple again????)

  5. to the first anonymous: LOL that wouldnt be annoying but imagine millions of question marks staring right at you, it'll get on your nerves if the same style appeared in every email you got right? hahah

    and thanks to the 3rd anonymous, this was the best place I could think of to vent, it's better than telling the buyer off to her face, because that would be a huge no-no

    as to the 2nd anonymous, I am not complaining about such a small thing, I do hope you experience it one day when a buyer sends you a million question marks. When it happens, let us know how ya feel kay? ;]