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I'll sell it to you if I'm around

Why do sellers UPDATE and then leave a note on the same post saying that they'll be HIATUS? Emails and sms will not be replied during the hiatus. wtf is this?

You might as well just wait till you come back and update as that's when you have the time to reply and entertain your customers right!

Slap sellers hard till their head spin 180. 360 will only put their heads back where they're suppose to be.


  1. ladeedum i wonder who this is

  2. probably they're anticipating surprise inquiry mails when they are back. LOL

  3. anon March 29, 2010 5:53 AM,
    easy. some of the most popular review sites gave them a review. and they updated with lace and sheer back dresses. not so updated after all.

  4. haha, i think these sellers just love the sight of over flooded inbox when they come back.

  5. still dun get it, which blog is this?