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Yes, there is a tracking number

Seller : Hey dear, I've posted your item today. (:
Buyer : Thanks! Will inform you once I've receive my item!

Few days later,

Buyer : Hey babe, I have not receive the item yet. Would you mind giving me the track no.?
Seller : Hey. I only use registered post. So they didn't give me any tracking no. They only gimme the stamps. Do inform me if u already receive the item k? Thanks! :D
Buyer : O.o

I thought every parcel has track number, no?


  1. i'm not too sure about tracking numbers on registered post or pos ekspres... unless you paid for poslaju!

  2. Poslaju, Pos Ekspress & Registered post (Pos Daftar) all comes with a tracking number.

  3. Reg post = stamp + Tracking no. (sticker)
    Normal Post = stamp only
    Pos Express = Special envelope with tracking no.
    Pos Laju= Form with Tracking no.

  4. Anon #2 (March 31, 2010 9:56 PM) Well said. =)

  5. i think your seller might have thought that registered post means normal post (without the sticker) cos i encountered a seller like that before. the worst part is, the package that she sent was opened and the item inside taken by the post office/man! i was dam pissed about it, but the seller was good enough to refund me the full amount. better pray your item arrives safely ..
    now whenever i ask for registered post i make sure the seller knows what it is/has used it before.

  6. some people are stupid to use normal post..that is the one with stamps only (see Anon the third commentor March 31, 2010 9:56 PM)

    gila ke guna normal post?! without tracking number pulak! kalau nak hantar surat cinta boleh laa...
    we need to have the tracking number to make sure the items can be tracked and not lost!!

    next time, just use poslaju lah..why so kedekot all u people???!

  7. Girl, I'm 100% sure the seller sent your item by normal post (which explains why there's no tracking number).
    I think sellers need to go on a crash course on Shipping Methods 101. I've never made mistakes like this, not even when I first started out selling online years back.
    I really can't accept reasons like "Oh I just started selling online so I'm a noob at this. sorry ya. *smiley*". wtf? So hard to learn meh?

  8. Registered post does have a tracking no. most of my customers opted for it. only thing, it arrives really late :/

  9. register post no number... but parcel post got la.....