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This lady came to my booth, and she tried almost everything. So, I don't mind since she looks very interested to those dresses. After the trying session (non of the dresses she can fit in, BIG SIZE WOMEN. I don't want her to get offended and she finally chose 3 dresses and asked me to keep for her for about 1 week (because I said I joined the bazaar for the next weekend)and she said "I'm taking a risk to buy those dresses, 1 day maybe i'm getting slimmer" btw, that time she just came back from fitness center (sweating)
And I was like ok la, for you I keep it. I asked her to leave her hp num etc and I gave mine. After 1 week, I sms her, inform which booth am I at, she never reply. I was like maybe she forgot, or didn't realized the sms, so I still keep the dresses for her.

Until now, it has been 3 weeks i think, no single news from her. I should ask her for deposit money I think, to make it secure.


  1. Yes always insist on deposits for bazaar deals. Strange though, if you dont have money to buy or cant even go to an ATM machine nearby, why bother booking for next week?

  2. never ever reserve clothing for people without deposit.

  3. why capitalise BIG SIZE WOMEN? rude.

  4. no reply after 1 week period, why even bother reserving?

    you'll loose potential customers who's interested in the items!

  5. you're so kind. after "I'm taking a risk to buy those dresses, 1 day maybe i'm getting slimmer" I wouldn't have layan-ed her much. Not surprised she went missing :p

  6. she gave up on getting slimmer kot...

  7. Geez, talk about rude. Big size women? Really?

  8. She wanted to buy it anyway, just in case she would get slimmer 1 day?
    Mann, what a good motivation! LOL

  9. i'm a UK14 and i'm beautifulMarch 17, 2010 at 8:29 PM

    the writer is not being rude, the buyer is! i'm fat, i'm not even offended because at least i know i'm fat and i won't fit in the clothes. eventhough they're pretty *sigh* everyone's trying to slim down, so am i. but as for now, i know i'm UK14, and UK14 is nothing close to UK10 or UK8, what more UK6. so it just stays where it is.

    you have to realise who you are. even if you can't fit in those clothes, your husband might think you look a lot prettier without them on! GUYS... LOL!

    haha okay i was just being sarcastic ;)

  10. Yeah... I'm big too but I dont think the seller is wrong in anyway. I'm not offended.
    I dont go around trying clothes way too small for me and reserving them in hope one day I'll fit into them then disappear.

    Like this la why fat people are made fun of... sedar la sikit