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You're confused...

As i'm reading SMWDY, i am also browsing through blogshops. I stumbled upon this sentence at a fairly well known blogshop.

"Condition: Still brand new. Worn twice only"



  1. i actually saw this sentence at a preloved blogshop. " Still like brand new, worn few times"

  2. twice is halfway to ham choy already...

  3. Maybe it's still brand new cos it hasn't been washed after being worn .... ewwwww!

  4. sometimes even if the person has worn it, it still looks new. condition still looks okay. tat it why its still brand new. i bought a few of preloved items from some blogs. n so far all are really brand new and good, plus with cheaper price too. :)

  5. It'sJustCommonSenseMarch 17, 2010 at 7:42 PM

    Brand new means unworn. Regardless of the condition. It can be pristine even after the person has worn it (once, twice, thrice, you get the picture), but once it's worn, then it's not brand new. It would be misleading and unethical of the seller to describe it as brand new.

  6. agreed with Common Sense. If it's been worn before, what is wrong with tagging it as: Still in Very Good Condition?

    If sellers tag the item as brand new, i'm sure buyers expect something that has never touched another person's skin!