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Which one?

Just want to know from you guys, what do you really mean by

"First come, first serve"?

Do you mean by :

- Whoever place order first, gets the priority
- Whoever pay first, gets the item


  1. sellers need to be more specific from now on, LOL! usually it means that the item will be reserved to whoever reserves it first :)

  2. lol ya we need to be more specific on how we define first come first serve. for us, usually i reserve it for those who ask us to reserve it for them first, rather than those who just enquired. :)

  3. i agree with anon#2, i reserve for the person who ask for RESERVATION, not ENQUIRY..

  4. I used to reserve items when people inquired about the measurements and etc.

    After awhile, it wasn't working out well so my First Come First Served is "whoever places an order gets the priority".

  5. When a seller reserves an item just because the buyer tells her to do so (without asking any prior questions), isn't that a backout just waiting to happen? No offense but sometimes I see some buyers leaving msgs on cboxes that go ' I wan item Xx!!Reserve for me!' doesn't that sound very impulsive? i dunno abt u guys but impulsive buyers seem more likely to back out frm a purchase.