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** Please note that not all stories will be published. If they are deemed irrelevant, unsuitable or maybe there has been one too many of the similar story, they will remain unseen. Cool?
** If anyone wants to know the identity of the said seller or buyer, please leave your email add in the comment box and wait for the private message from the author.
** Any entries with names in them will automatically be deleted. Same applies for comments. Anonymity is my priority..
** I am also not married to Grissom hence I have no CSI knowledge to know which story is true or not. I am only your cut & paste typist.


Its getting HOT!!

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  1. lol, why are people slapping seller & buyer on this post? It's actually to direct you to the post *here*:

  2. haha lol... SMWDY, maybe you should add **** at **here** or use a differt colour instead of red.. people might think it's just another random post lol!

  3. hahhaha! lol.. hey! i rarely hear people say "aisayman" except for my family and people back home. you from kk or?

  4. No leh... I'm from Kuantan. All this aisayman came from Ali Baba Bujang Lapuk i think. haha!

  5. hah.. really meh.. no lah.. lol..back in sabah also alot people use leh.. some even more random ;)

  6. Hahaha... I grew up on P Ramlee movies and remember alot of 'aisayman's there. Actually quite true, I rarely hear it anymore but me old timer la ;)

  7. Talk talk talk only... Sien... who is suppose to email us the blogshop name? The person who wrote the post or SMWDY?

  8. The writer of the post most of the time because I myself have not been told who the culprit is. Its a 50/50 really.

    Sometimes writers dont want to reveal who it is either cos they only want to vent and not create dramz, you see...

    Anyways, hope you get your long awaited email from the writers.

  9. SMWDY: hah? it is still around... what do you mean it is removed?

  10. Sorry sorry... I saw something like it was removed... teachnical error. :p
    We actually email each other to find out whether SMWDY email us or not... Everyone is so curious. We just wonder who is the one.
    Some celaka fella steal our email add her to send us their updates!

  11. Hmmm... yeah, email theft is on the high. Sorry dolls.

  12. smwdy, i have a suggestion for you. why not you create a poll whether the author/writer of any post emailed to those who inquired to be notified about the link of any blogshops with bad reputations. i can bet you the results will mostly be a no :)

  13. Can do! Right after this current poll ends.

  14. to prevent email theft, is it possible if

    1. post authors mail the admin of this blog the identity of the mentioned blogshop/ buyer

    2. for those that are interested mail the admin for the blogshop name without having to publicly publish their email add?


    create a mailing list
    those who subscribe will be updated on ALL of the identities.

    just a suggestion. and if you understand what i mean. LOL.

  15. Here's the thing though, I myself cannot guarantee the authenticity of every post. Unless I have had that same bad experience with the said seller or buyer, I dont feel right being the person spreading the news, you know?

    A reader earlier created an email add specifically for receiving emails from SMWDY. I thought that was a brilliant idea. Try that maybe?