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No Comprende is it?

Which part of do not advertise in the chatbox don't you *sellers* understand?!


  1. poor u, i feel u..
    here's what i did..

    go the seller's shop, and put nasty comments in their shoutboxes..

  2. close one eye la. ;) some are just blind and or lazy. they're the people or probably buyers who DON'T read terms and conditions and buat tak tahu and give sellers extra work to point out the terms and conditions / details of their items when it's already written. what goes around comes around though! >:D

  3. I absolutely hate those too!!! And i swore to myself that i'd never shop at blogshops who advertise in the wrong chatbox :P

  4. anon1: thats a great idea. but sometimes those who post ads in my chatbox dont even own a chatbox in their blogshop :X

    anon2: blind and lazy? i agree but somehow they are very rajin to post ads, haha.

    anon3: that's exactly what i've been doing :)

    p.s: i dont really mind if they post one ad, but sometimes they post 4-5. i mean, desperate much? i hope to whoever eating the cili, please stop it. im just afraid i might lose inquiries from customers :(

  5. omg. i totally hate those people who keep ads in the chatbox after i remind them again and again.

    i encountered this one blogshop post ads in my chatbox. so i click the ads to go to her blogshop. funny thing, she's even put the warning, DO NOT ADS HERE (above a chatbox). I LOL when i read that. So i left something for her in her chatbox, "You ckp no ads in chatbox but u do the same at others blogshop". Puas hati ! Haha