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COD without the C

I wanna buy things from this seller, so I chose to COD as I can save on postage. But the seller asked me to pay her in advanced, I mean I can understand if she's asking me to pay some sort of deposit or sum of the total.
But hell not, she wants me to pay her the full amount! I guess this should not be called COD right? It is self collection indeed. So should I pay her the full amount?
Its not that her blog is the popular one,(sarcasm)
why this rule?


  1. I am a seller,looking at your situation , I can guess maybe this seller fear of back-out buyer cause it happen to COD as well, when seller make effort to arrange meet up but end up buyer no show or change of mind to buy. your highlight of a famous shop or not, every seller is putting effort in their shop,infamous doesn't mean they sell something not worth to buy and also doesn't mean they don't have right to set rules ,so make yourself convenient and happy with your shopping, if you feel you don't happy with the deal you can always request to pay partial or maybe cancel it.

  2. Alot of sellers do this what, make payment in advance first then only COD. I mean if you don't like the item when you see it, just get a refund :)

  3. maybe the seller is afraid of back out customers. maybe she had experienced tons before? if u pay some deposits or in full, in the end u will still buy the clothes and pay in full right? so i guess there's no harm in paying full b4 cod. :)

    just my two cents though..

  4. this is exactly why sellers request for full payment to be made before a cod is done. as many has stated the obvious, there can be back-outs during cods i.e. buyer doesn't turn up and leaving the seller stranded and waiting there aimlessly in which, i'm sure we've heard of many such stories. there's nothing wrong to collect the full amount before cod.

  5. i think the term COD is no longer relevant, COD is not safe, with the back out buyers, etc. Maybe sellers should just state there, "self pick-up/ delivery".
    But yeah, I think the sellers might have encountered lots of back-out/ MIA buyers previously. If u really want to buy, just pay full la, what do u have to lose? unless, u dont really intended to buy, maybe u just wanna see how the item is, and u even thinking to back-out.

    That's why la, to make my life easier, I dont do COD/ self-pickup, guna pos aje kan senang!

  6. hey there, i practice payment before COD as well, reasons being the obvious back outs. But i do offer partial payment as an option in case some buyers don't feel particularly comfortable paying in full (especially if its their 1st purchase with me, hey not all sellers are trustworthy too right) Most buyers are cool with the arrangement of paying upfront although most will end up banking in full amount even though the option is given to them.

  7. HMM, depends here.

    If the blogshop has a good reputation, then yes it's alright to make full payment. If it's a newbie blogshop that you KNOW nothing off, better opt for half. Who knows, seller can be a conwoman/man too right? So subjective :X sigh, these days, its either sellers who cheat money or buyers who back out. What is this world coming to?

  8. It's very misleading in my opinion. Because it is called C.O.D for a reason. It's called "CASH On Delivery"..I shall emphasize on the Cash part. U pay cash when the item is delivered in your hands. IF the seller insist on full amount or scared of back-outs, then instead of calling it 'COD', the seller might as well call it "Self-Collect Item" instead.

  9. "Alot of sellers do this what, make payment in advance first then only COD. I mean if you don't like the item when you see it, just get a refund :)"

    i don't agree with this. they can't simply ask for refund if they don't like the item when they see it. what you see is what you get. if you're scared you might not like the item, request for a clearer picture, ask and inquire about anything as long as it'll clear all your thoughts. but better for pre-order items you request for real photos because sometimes the design is a bit different. but you can't simply ask for refund once you got the item. its not fair for the seller. and yeah i don't get the point of COD if you have to pay full amount. at least deposit half of the price will do. not full. if full its better if you opt for postage instead.

  10. CODs are definitely not safe for sellers out there anymore, since there are many inconsiderate backout buyers around. However, sellers should understand why buyers opt for COD = because of the convenience of not needing to go to the bank or post office. It would be great if both sides could reach an understanding, or if the seller could obtain more information from the buyer so that the buyer will not end up backing out.

    I do agree with Anon5 though, they should rephrase it if they want full payment first. It's unfair for those clueless customers who genuinely want the item, and picked COD because of convenience.

  11. but you shouldn't be so sarcastic about whether the blogshop is famous or not so bias wei

  12. Sellers ask for full amount or balance payment to be paid before delivery is because to some sellers who sell expensive items like branded items, it is risky. The balance payment may be more than a couple of hundred ringgit. Their meeting point might not be near a bank for the seller to deposit the money. Someone might see the exchange of bag and money process and this could trigger that someone (snatch thief or robber) to take advantage of the situation.

    Now the term COD should not be made a HUGE deal. Some people are comfortable with the term and so used to it. Its been overused. We Malaysians tend to use words that do not meet the definition. This is basically mutual understanding and situational. Don't be soo rigid with the term COD. Be considerate..

  13. "It's very misleading in my opinion. Because it is called C.O.D for a reason. It's called "CASH On Delivery"..."

    I agree with your direct translation... But they are a lots of back-out buyers out there. So the meaning of COD need to change according to all these bad experience.

    So buyers, please behave yourselve!