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COD or Free Postage

I would like to voice out this to the buyers, pls pls dont bargain or go missing in action or back out. Be considerate & be understanding. It's not easy to set up a blogshop. From getting stock to taking photo to edit photo to upload photo to deal with buyers (reply mail) to check the payment to's really a long process & we might just earn you a little $MONEY$.

We came across with a girl, she asked for discount, Okay, fine, we gave you discount. When she make payment, she replied us, im lack of RM3 when i was in the bank, could you pls give me another RM3 discount? Okay fine, let it be. Mind you, her payment is for COD, that's mean FOC, not including postage. We got her sms

"Hi, can i COD tonight?"
"No, sorry babe, i cant make it, could we change it to other day?" ( as my grandpa passed away yesterday, i have to attend the funeral at night*sob* )
"I only can do COD today, other days i cant make it, can you free  postage to me instead? " She insisted for COD TONITE, hello, i need to attend funeral.

Then i called my partner, she said she can help me COD, so i sms her
"Ok, my partner can COD with you tonight"
*few minutes later*
"Sorry, i cant COD with you tonight, can you do free postage for me?"

WTF! Your main purpose is COD or Free postage? Please, it's really not easy to set up a blogshop. When you think we are earning, we are not. Be considerate, be understanding pls...


  1. once in a while we get this kind of pushy buyers. they just want to squeeze every cent out of you. we're ok if you ask for discount but this is like pushing it too far.

  2. what's with slapping the seller? the buyer tht is in the story slapping ka?

    what an inconsiderate buyer (since i think you're telling the truth). obviously shes trying to make you send for free. you cant say no when she already banked in to you..if not she will make a big hoo haa out of it.

  3. Erhm... isnt COD - CASH ON DELIVERY?
    Why is she banking the payment to you?

  4. maybe you can just refund her. LOL. and someone else will appreciate the item. so bitchyy.

  5. Maybe you could have just told her your grandpa passed away then she wouldn't insist to COD that night itself.

    But then again, buyers should be considerate sometimes. :( Always bargaining for way too lower prices may result in us making a loss too!

  6. to 2ndanon: my thoughts exactly..i thought you said cod? defeats the whole purpose of cash on delivery if you asked her to bank in first/or she wanted to bank time live up to that problem such as this wouldnt arise ;)

  7. im a seller here and i do insist for 50% deposit before COD-ing to avoid any customers from ffk-ing. have seen and met too many of these time wasters. so i dont think there's anything wrong with that :)

    author: u should have just refund her or tell her u're only able to cod on XXXX when ur things are done. there's no need to tolerate 100% with these kind of inconsiderate buyers.

  8. i am usually giving free postage coz i am not free/ not convenient to COD, in fact some items are stated free postage, when ppl option to COD, they intended u to deduct postage of rm 6 for the price ! really WTH...even i ask my fren to COD, sms/phone call/ petrol/TIME, there are $$$ right?

    Therefore,be daring to increase ur price, customer usually very happy when they heard " free postage "

  9. yeah...there are really alot irritating customers. I'm giving free postage and those customer asking me to deduct the pos ekspress postage fees for COD..