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What's your point?

I'm an avid online shopper and I so happen to be a plus size gal. Every plus size blogshop that I went to, they claim that plus size is a gift from God and we should be proud of our sizes.


Most of the time when they put up new clothes, they will always include some statements like "instant slimming effect" or "makes you look slim".

So, your point is?


  1. I agree with the statement that we should be proud of our sizes BUT every girl wants to look their best, dont u think? Do you really wanna look "fat" in your clothes? I certainly dont think so! Therefore, I dont understand your problem with those statements.

  2. Hi. I'm the writer for this post.

    Hm. Maybe I've phrased it wrongly. Yes, I agree with you that every girl wants to look their best and certainly not want to look fat of course.

    I don't have a problem with the statements actually, i was just merely pointing out the fact that maybe it somehow contradicts lo.

    Oh well. slap me!

  3. What is your point woman? You're even confused with your own point, why bother posting this whole thing? Bored huh?

  4. I agree with Anon 1 & 3. You're sooo overreacting!
    I'm a plus sized too n statements like "instant slimming effect" is very enticing. It makes me wanna buy the clothes!

    Seriously, why dont u come back with relevant points? Hahaha