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The missing Moolah

Have anyone of you ever experience missing change from your parcel?

I asked the seller to include the change in the pos express parcel, when it arrives, the envelope is like tore, but cellophane taped back. The top inside is like all messed up and simply folded, and the change is missing!

I asked the seller whether did she include the change, she said she did, and all. So who would do you think took the change?

The seller for not including it in or the postman who tore it open before leaving it in my mailbox?


  1. happened to my friend before. She owns a blogshop and she puts change into her parcels and when the customer receives it, it's gone.

    And guess what? RM2 change also the postmen want to take. Ugh.

  2. yeah happened to my friend as well. but worse. empty envelope was sent to her house, seal was broken but taped over with cellophane tape.

  3. yep yep, my cousin got it once. she bought a wig online and her seller gave her back the balance of RM2 to her and it's gone. same case, parcel torn with cello-tape on it. stupid postman. it's just like KLIA opened our luggage cases.

  4. obviously sellerswont do this jumble the clothes and tear the envelope only to reseal

    Guess it also depends on the post ofice you go to, whether its reliable or not.
    somehow they can tell, best is to either get it via post laju(since youre gonna loose the money anyway) or transfer money back to her.

  5. when will buyers understand, POS EXPRESS is never safe. I've been saying this over and over again, but noooo pos express is RM2 cheaper than Pos laju pon kedekut, and then when u get your parcel dah terkoyak and everything. bare you mau complain, beforehand when the seller advices you to take pos laju you refuse!

    Time and time again, i tell all my buyers to opt for pos laju, if they really insist on pos express. fine so be it, but i can assure you one thing. NOT SAFE.

    So don't come back and whine and say my parcel is torn etc. Because it's the postman's fault not ours

  6. Honestly, pos express is really not safe. I've encountered bad experiences with pos express and now will only opt for pos laju. I know its RM2/3 more expensive but if you take into account the value of your clothes (say the parcel went missing etc) then I would rather pay that extra RM2 instead of losing more money.

    As for your case, obviously the postman took the money.

  7. Never never put cash when you post something. WHether it is Pos Ekspres or Poslaju. It is clearly stated by Pos Malaysia not to send money via post.

  8. Ya, even Pos Malaysia also claimed that 'Do not put any valueble' inside, else at our own risk. PM do not even trust their staff too!! And since they always said how busy their are (high volume of mails waiting to process), I wondering that how come the postman still so FREE to do this. I never ship item via Post Express to my buyer, even they requested badly, but that at the end i got piece of mind without any complain by using Post Laju only.

  9. Yeah, never ever put cash into parcels. A friend of mine experienced this many many times. Parcel was ripped, money stolen, whole parcel was taped badly.

    If the buyer insist on having his/her money posted back to her in the parcel, then well its a risk they gotta take. Just don't blame the buyer and start accusing them of not refunding you. But as a buyer, maybe you can just insert the money in an envelope and hide it in between the clothes. That's what I did.

  10. hmm.. just bad luck i think? lucky the post man in my area doesnt do this and my parcel always arrive in good condition =)

    Maybe you guys should report about torn parcels to Pos Malaysia. but dont mention the money lah.. Just say the post men in your area irresponsible and tears your parcel. then maybe they can identify which pos man does this and give a warning?