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Got new reasonable reasons?

I have got so many buyers who eventually back out due to the same very stupid lame reasons:

"Hi dear, sorry I have to back out this order, XXX because my sister actually just bought the exact same piece and we would prefer to share it. Sorry for backing out, hope you understand and I don't mean it, Thanks!"

I have gotten this same reasons for more than 20x, I am sure it's from different customers but heck it, come on people, using your sister or your best friend or your cousin sister's as an excuse is not acceptable! And am truly pissed out of it.

Stop it! Get a new reason, real one please or don't shop online anymore if you're enquiring just for fun. Thank you for reading! SLAP ALL THOSE BACKOUT BUYERS! Respectful sellers, provide me your Emails, and I am very please to give you the whole list of back out buyers that I had.


  1. inquiring is not placing an order. so how can a person who inquires be a back out blacklist?

  2. aiyah. at least she told u that she wants to back out maaah. think on the positive side lah.she didnt go MIA. hhmmm..reason oso must be justified or reasonable ke? i think her reason is reasonable enuff. at least she didnt say that she broke up with her bf so she cant buy like in one of the case here.

    sheehss.. small matter oso u want to complain.

  3. *agree with anon 2

    atleast she didnt go MIA

  4. when they're actually informing u that they're backing out pun u want to get mad. since she's informing you then js sell the item to the next person in line. or else go and participate in a bazaar or have a sale or sumting.
    come on, you're the seller. surely u know which is the best way to clear off your stocks aite?
    haiyoh, seriously you're dull laydeh

    btw, if she's js enquiring and does not state anywhere within her email that she's actually confirming to buy from u then why are taking her words so seriously?

    slap the seller 100x!!

  5. Well, can slap me 100X but listen here, the thing is she agreed to COD at the time, 2.30pm i still can remember, and I was on my way there, and at 2.15pm to be exact, it.s 2.16pm, she told me she is backing out. Oh why don't you inform me earlier?

  6. agree with anon 1,2,3,4~ heheheh at least she hv courtesy to inform u la! small thing also want to complain! shessssssss!

  7. I dun mind people backing out but most important inform asap and dun MIA out of sudden. And yes, inquiry is not order ler...

  8. okay now suddenly the repeated excuse is a particular person? hey writer make up ur mind lah. u're telling this story randomly or u're talking about one specific buyer? or is it when people are slamming on u that u conveniently changes the story?
    boo-hoo. grow up! or else dun be an online seller.
    im sick of dealing with SOME immature online seller who is actually a spoil brat

  9. Agree with all the anons.
    So many times, me and my sis really do buy the same exact baju without us even knowing it...until the baju arrives home! Like lolwtf?
    But I never use this as a reason la... I think it's reasonable for that buyer to back out because who wants to have 2 same clothes? :\

  10. omg this seller is so damn fussy. please, if you COMPLAIN so much, then you shouldn't have opened this blogshop. cuz you know what? no one will ever purchase from you again.

  11. woohoo! agree with all the annonymous above. :)screw you seller

  12. like DUH?
    so means that you also cannot backout lah from any of your orders(you as a buyer),if you do so,you're a total hypocrite.
    This is normal,what do you expect?stop your online blogshop lah if you cannot tolerate with small matters like this.

  13. Ridiculous you anons!

    I think it's totally off course for a buyer to back out 15min before COD! I mean look, the seller is not earning hundreds or thousands here but probably RM 30 TO THE MAX?

    Assuming so, she packed her stuff, get ready into the car driving to the destination, then you start dropping bombshell saying NO, I DON'T WANT IT BECAUSE I ALREADY HAVE ONE AT HOME!

    HALO! Just because you have one at home doesn't mean you can back out right? It's YOU BUYER'S responsibility to fulfill what you already agreed to. I find it acceptable if it's a day or two before, but 15min is just ridiculous?

    Can you anons think from the seller's point of view? You think all sellers are out to leech your money ? WE (because I am one too) too hate disappointments, especially when we are already on the way.

    If you've the same piece = too bad! Because you never make a check, why do we sellers have to bear with your mistakes?

    And, if you really don't want it, just say you don't want it (assuming if the sibling thing is just another joke )

  14. okay, okay..jangan gaduh2..

    Anon (April 2, 2010 2:49 PM), jangan marah2..all the previous anon might not have read the explanation by the writer..

    The writer pun satu, u cerita tak habis laa, tergantung..u should write that u have made a deal to cod in the story, not in the comments laaa..haiyaa..

    ni mesti kes SMWDY lambat approve comments..hehehe

  15. oh, right. then seller, you're just reffering to a particular person. so what's with this. "i have got SO MANY buyers who eventually back out due to the same very stupid lame reasons." YOU'RE JUST SIMPLY CHILDISH I HAVE TO SAY. close down your fantastic blogshop lah then. if you're not able to bear with all these "stupid lame reaons".

  16. nah, i'm still with the oso wud get all flustered by all those comments..n yes, the buyer did tell her in the last the buyer's at fault, not the poor seller!

  17. ya tutup saja kedai kau yg tak famous mana pun! banyak songeh tak payah meniaga!