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Stupid Sash

I was bloghopping when i stumbled upon the most incredible blogshop. I was totally surprised. The blog claims to be THRIFTY (my foot)

First off, its safe to say their items are 80% ugly and some are cheap but some are expensive. Never mind this, as its nothing big. BUT, the most ridiculour thing ever is they are selling a SASH for RM12 (yeah, sash as in a stupid piece of thin cloth) and the sash is only inches long, a plain cloth and she's selling it in TWO different colours for RM12 EACH

Forgive me for being naive or anything, but WHO ON EARTH IS GONNA BUY YOUR SMALL WONDERFUL STRIP OF CLOTH MY DEAR?? AT RM12 SOMEMORE. laugh out loud.


  1. why do you have to complain if you are not going to purchase it anyway? no one force you to buy it. sheesh

  2. This seriously sounds like one genuine SABO vent. Dont like dont go there la

  3. So? do u have a bad experience with a sash?
    i do see some BLOGSHOP (Selling brand new things) selling sash for RM15-20. So so so so????? whats wrong with selling a sash for rm12??

    and.. if u think her items are UGLY, so click X. NO NEED TO COMPLAIN LIKE YOU HAVE TONS OF BEAUTIFOOL clothes. *headshot buyer*

  4. to all the ANON ABOVE.

    This is why SMYDY is here for..duh!

  5. i have no idea a sash would make this writer to write to SMYDY :/

  6. Seriously, who put a gun at this poor soul's head? Did the seller force you to buy the damn sash? DID SHE?? if you are so cheapskate then dont buy la...dont have to kutuk people's blog!! Damn dumb wei!!!