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Didnt know it was an Auction

I was interested in a top that a preloved shop was selling. I ordered up and told her that i really want the top but i was away and would make payments by the next few days, so please reserve it for me.gave her my details and etc to make sure she knew i wasnt a backout buyer and WAS going to get it. So she agreed to reserve it for a few days.

Awhile later she emailed me saying someone else was interested in the top and it's only fair that we bid on it.

Not cool.

But i really wanted it so i asked her how much the buyer wants to bid?

The top was originally RM X0 but she was going to bid RMX5.

Then i told her it wasnt right because i came first and told her i was going to make the deposit soon and she promised to reserve it. So she replied.

"Okay i decided that it's not fair cos you came first, so you should get it. Please deposit RM X5 into my acc thanks."



  1. Don't buy from her!
    It is totally unethical unless she has stated in her website from the beginning that it was an auction.

  2. Urgh, I so hope you didn't buy the top from her.

  3. don't buy unless the money you pay she want to donate to charity..

  4. the seller is cheating your money in broad daylight!!!!