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Shame or not?

SOME buyers tend to get paranoid over their parcels even if its just the next day. ( i stress on the some)

They send you email after email after email asking where the parcel is. Asking for a refund. Telling you they are going to report it.

Then the next day (maybe two days after) they send you another email. This one's special...why? it'll go something like this

"Oh i got my dress already. Thanks ya. Sorry!"

Would they feel embarrassed or what?
Because if i sent such emails to them and then got my dress the day after i would just stop shopping online and hide in a corner.


  1. ahh yes. i feel you. im a seller too and these buyer will keep on hounding you until they get the dress. damn mah fan and you've already told them it'll arrive tmrw.
    no patience then dont buy online lah !

  2. hahahahaha...yeah, same experience here wei..n they call themselves avid online shoppers..SOME of them anyways =D

  3. Oh yeah I have faced these kind of buyers as well. Really gave me hard time. Non-stop emails & sms. Come on lah, if you cannot wait then why on earth do you shop online?

    What a STUPIDITY.

  4. hahaha yeah man paranoia!

    i shop online once in awhile whenever i see something i like, and i sometimes order a few items at once on the same day, and sometimes i forget which item i'm suppose to be getting. but at the end of the week i usually open my online banking account to check all transfers made as i usually put remarks as to which item i ordered.

    so just wondering,
    how long is it agreeable to sellers that buyers ask for the item after making payment?
    after 3 days?
    because i think if it takes up to 7 days, it'd be kinda too late, no? i don't want sellers arguing that i ask about the parcel TOO LATE.

    so yeah,
    considering payment was made,
    when is the right time to ask "where's my parcel"?

  5. hey im the do you solve this normally?
    they keep emailing me.ask me to call the post office ask me to go to the post office and check.hello! its only been one day.and i cant do anything right?its not in my hands anymore.its somewhere in malaysianpos land
    so what do you guys do?

  6. to anonymous March 31, 2010 12:24 AM .

    if i make payment on saturday.i cant expect to get my parcel on nomally i wait until friday.and if it doesnt arrive i ask them to check with the post office.

  7. If used Pos Laju, stardard give 3 days allowance. If didn't receive then only ask the seller or call pos laju yourself.

    If normal post, hm...i think stardard 1 week only ask..

    Mostly I'll inform my customer that they'll received within 3 days - as i used pos laju to post out my parcel, so if 3 days they didn't received their parcel, they'll email me, which is fair enough. Cause stardard pos laju is within 1 to 3 days.

  8. Just tell them when they should expect the parcel to arrive if by a certain date it does not arrive then do call up post office

  9. i find that it's just fair and best to provide buyers with the tracking numbers for their parcels. not sure if most sellers do that, but if they don't, i always make it a point to insist for the tracking number after sellers have sent out my items. it's just easier to deal with pos malaysia directly once you have the tracking number since i do agree that nothing much can be done after the item leaves the seller's hands. anyway regarding the buyer who apologized, don't slam her la since she did take the initiative to apologize. :P
    *not said buyer*

  10. to anonymous March 31, 2010 1:49 AM

    theres no such thing.they'll keep harassing you and asking you where is it? where is it? WHERE IS IT!? even when you already gave them the tracking no. and it's only the next day

    some people are really paranoid.and i wonder why they shop online if everytime they order they turn into a paranoid wreck.its only added stress to them.

  11. Dont la get all worked up. at least the buyers were kind enough to inform you and say sorry.

  12. I'm cool with itMarch 31, 2010 at 3:07 PM

    Haha. dear seller, probably they've encountered too many lost parcels from irresponsible buyers, yet love the comfort of online shopping. But then again, ya lar, one day is a bit too much, even pos malaysia may not have updated their site yet lol.

    I always send out delivery notice with the tracking number as i believe its their right to know. But sometimes they just ignore the mail and go straight to sms me for the status. I usually just help them check online and paste the status from Pos malaysia directly on the email for them to see. If its not updated, i'll call 1-300 for them. Tedious i know, but hey, its customer service =)and most of them will return for 2nd purchases. Now, that's worth it isn't it?

  13. im cool with it.

    may i know ur blogshop link??? :) i want to shop there.

    n im serious.

  14. too.just like anon 4.14pm.would like to know ur blogshop.u seem vey professional indeed =)

  15. -> i'm cool with it

    mail me your blogshop, too.