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Oh wise ones needed #3

Who i must report to if i paid for the item i want and i still haven't received it for two weeks now?

item is ready stock. i mailed the seller but got no replies. total is not only RM* or RM ** but RM ***, three numbers, and its kinda huge for a student like me.

should i make a police report? i really have no idea, i don't wanna make this as a big issue but i'm really worried, i don't wanna let my money wasted for free. but i can't get the seller to reply me. i don't have her phone number, and she didn't reply my mails. i sent her mail every single day since i paid but still, 0 replies!

i'm so pissed! HMPH!


  1. did the seller confirm with you how much to bank in? or you just banked in without any reply from her regarding your order?

  2. Email the seller again, telling her that you will make a police report if she does not get back to you within say, 3 days.

    Then, use another email account and pose as another person interested to get something from her, to check whether the seller checks her emails (If she replies that but not to you, then you know she's up to no good)

    After that stipulated time, go to the police and make a report. Remember to print out your emails etc, and provide the name and bank account number as well.

  3. try check back ur bank transactions. her name should be written there.

    and...try ask the reviewers help to expose this irresponsible seller. (sometimes there's someone out there who knows the seller and can help you get direct contact to the seller)

  4. Google her email add or name and see what comes out of it. You might never know, there could be some information leaking out that could be of your benefit!

    Keep emailing and resort to legal actions as well. Blergh.

  5. I think it's your fault. Before buying anything esp online, you gotta check who's the seller, the contact no, the email and if there's any good reviews there. If the seller did not even introduce herself thru her blogshop, why on earth you dare giving your RMXXX to someone totally unknown?