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Answers required

Just a simple question:

Is it unfair for a buyer to ask for a refund if the seller made a mistake by sending out the wrong item?

p.s: I know most blogshops put up the no exchange no refund thing but what if it's the seller's mistake instead of the buyer?


  1. i'm one of the victim hereT__T
    it's definitely the seller's fault!so why cant I get a refund >[

  2. I agree.

    All the more so if they didn't state no refund no exchange given the seller make such mistakes, then buyers should ask for refund/exchange.

  3. if is the seller fault, they have to bear the postage cost or wat so ever as wat u order is not wat u get

    but if the seller did not wan to bear the cost etc.... hurm.... there's ntg you can do except spill the seller irresponsible act in SMWDY :p

  4. she's already been exposed here!the scam stories are mostly about her

  5. to anonymous March 27, 2010 12:51 AM, really?
    i've been emailing this one particular blogshop interested in one of her items, but she haven't replied in days. i first emailed her then she replied the next day. however it took me 3 days to reply back to her as i had an emergency (death of a relative) and there's not internet connection back in my hometown. but now she haven't replied back and i even emailed her again after my last reply. hmm.

    so just for precautions, can you please email me the said blogshop please?

    thanks in advance!

  6. One of my first few online purchases, the seller actually sent me the wrong dress. I sent out an email telling her about it. I was expecting something along the lines of "Well, tough. No refunds, no exchange. Sucks to be you."

    Instead, the owner emailed me back within hours, horrified and apologetic. The next day, a friend drove to my house to pick up the dress I got and to deliver the correct dress.

    You can bet I'm still shopping at her blog :)

  7. from my similar experience, the seller forgot to send a belt that comes with the dress i ordered. she sent it out within the next few days and she paid for the postage. :)

  8. I had a similar experience.. wait for it.. it's gonna come out here soon..

  9. Well I think there are two ways to solve this "refunding" problems.

    1. Do meet ups, seller collect the item, check it and buyer get the money back.


    2. Seller refund 50% of the money to the buyer's acc (seller bare the postage for her mistake), receive the item, check the item and ensure that it has not been tried on and still in good condition, seller refund fully. Or if seller do not do so, lodge a police report.

    Just to be fair...

    What do you think?

  10. the good sellers will definitely refund you. the lousy ones .. i dont know. but you should totally get a refund or at least get them to send the correct item AND pay for postage for your sending back the wrong one.

  11. Precisely..

    Apply the 'but for' test.
    But not for the seller's fault, the buyer wouldn't have received the wrong item and wouldn't have to bear the additional postage cost to send back the item.