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Go disturb someone else

I had a customer who once made the oddest request...

"Can you please call the postman to come to my house after 1pm cos no one home before that"

WTH... the postman my boyfriend is it? I live in PJ, am I suppose to know who your postman is in Bangi? Your hobby is it to make unreasonable request like this?


  1. Is not odd actually. if you use Pos Laju you can request them to deliver at a certain time. But if normal registered

  2. i think it is mean for a seller to speak that way, maybe the buyer is jz nt familiar with the system, and there is relli no one at home at that time. u could have jz tell her when will be the exact date of the parcel instead of getting mad, shud be prepared for all kind of situation. try to put yourselves on other ppl shoes, same to the buyer. neway services is the most important rules for a blogshop to survive.

  3. LOL you should have just robbed her house then. Since she's conveniently told you no one was at home before 1 hahahaha

  4. it is so funny...
    how can a postman doing that?
    there are a lot of work to do..

  5. LOL~

    I actually tried this when the buyer requested for a registered post. It's just day, NOT time. I stated in the that "Pls deliver on weekdays only. Thanks Mr. Postman!"

    It's freaking good that yea, the buyer received on weekdays. It's a friday so I think mayb the postman thinks that if he goes to that place and the recipient is not around, he has to go back again if it's on Saturday. So he's trying not to delay my parcel and I really happy for that >.<