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No orders but I'll pay first

Sometimes i hv receive email/sms from customer asked for my bank account number. Then i check their email/hp number in my order list. The thing is i couldn't find their name in my list, then i asked :"Sorry, may i have your name pls and im worry if i hv left out your order since i cannot find your name/email/hp number in my list"..After a while, she reply me :"i havent make any order"... So, what is the point for asking my bank account number????
Any seller facing the same issue before?

Another situation where im oversea and the customer keep sms me(one day maybe 4-5sms!) to informed me that she have banked in some money into my bank account and ask me to check if i hv already receive the payment.
Then, i reply and telling her im oversea now and what is her order since i did not receive any order from her. End up she replied me:"i still haven't make any reservation/order yet, just want to bank in the money to your account 1st"...(she have my bank account number because she bought something from me before). I'm really speechless for entertain all these while im oversea, hp bill are not cheap to keep reply her sms :(


  1. maybe because sellers push buyers to make payment first. after all, majority of sellers on SMWDY do agree on the first pay first serve policy. who's to blame?

  2. Haiyo, late payment kena sound. backout kena sound.
    This one money in the pocket before anything pun kena sound? Count your blessings la woman

  3. haha...i'm a seller myself, but i don't practice pay 1st get'll be damn messy like tat.

    my policy is order 1st - reserved then payment.

    but i do have customer asking for my account no. without placing an order with me. And when I tell them to submit their order to me then only I'll provide my account details... and guess what, no order and no further email from them.

  4. tu lah. bank in duit pun nak complain. thats her risk lah kan? then u're saying that the buyers are the ones with all the songehs. go figure~

  5. maybe she's trying to make you 'liable' to her so that the moment she sees something she wants, or maybe a reserved item that she's interested in, you are in a sense forced to serve her first? because she has paid already..
    even if you're not forced to serve her first, maybe you'd feel more inclined to serve her 1st cos you're already guaranteed of the sale?

  6. now we all can see buyers are getting hyped and panicky about not able to get items when they encountered "first pay first served" policy!

    putting the money to seller's account before buying is buyer's risk and seller has to keep track on who gave the money, whereabouts, prioritize and etc.

    so sellers, abolish "first pay first served" policy! it exposes bad human behavior and carries strings of complications!

    i'm a seller, i dun do COD but offer cheaper postage fees. i rather have backout buyers (if they MIA, i just carry on with my business and life, no biggie) than to have those complications.

  7. kudos to anon april 1, 2010 @ 12.16pm.
    now here's a real mature seller :)

    i dun mind the first pay, first served policy but its getting ridiculous when the sellers are still whining eventho the buyer is giving her money for no reason. bah!