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So cute!

My mom has lots of scarf from gifts or impulse buy but never ended up wearing, so we decided to sell them at a recent bazaar.

We wanted to get rid of all if possible, so they were priced at RM5 (mind you, these were nice scarfs!).

A lady was with her husband when she saw the price and went, "Oh my god! Only RM5?" Then she nudged her husband and asked him to look at the price to confirm that it's true. This all happened when she was quite a few feet away from my stall.

She came nearer, and with all her excitement, I was quite disappointed that she only picked one. :/ but oh well..

as she handed the scarf to me, she asked again, "How much is it?" LOL! And she was so happy when I said it was RM5... even as she handed me the money, her face was in total disbelief!!



  1. errr..why is this story here?it aint that interesting... =/

  2. haha. I do find it interesting. As a seller, we'll be totally happy when our customer is happy. If I were the seller, this particular customer would made my day :)

  3. I think it's totally cute and interesting, and reminds me why I shop online and at bazaars, too. Sometimes, we just come across that one amazing find at an incredible price (even if no one else thinks that the item is that great :P), and it just totally makes your day.

    Thanks for sharing this! I still keep going to blogshops and bazaars and stuff in the hopes of having another "OMG! How much is this again?" moment.